Vox clarifies the new housing selection timeline and what this means for those studying abroad

There has been much uncertainty surrounding the housing selection policy for returning study abroad students ever since a correspondence was sent from the Office of Residential Living to both students with housing eligibility for 2014-15 academic year and members of the class of 2017 in February of last year.

The correspondence states that there has not been a change in policies related to students studying abroad; only a change in the housing selection timeline beginning in the spring of 2015.

For sophomores planning on studying abroad in the fall of 2015, including Vox herself, there has been confusion over how this change in timeline will impact their housing options upon their return the following spring.

“Previously, students selected their next year’s housing in November, before they were accepted to go abroad,” Executive Director for Residential Services Patrick Killilee wrote to Vox in an email. “Once committed, they were dropped from housing for the entire academic year. In the fall they had to request spring housing.”

According to Killilee, the housing selection process now begins after students have committed to studying abroad in the fall semester, and therefore these students will not be eligible to participate in the room selection process.

Students who are returning from abroad will be able to request spring semester housing as in the past,” Killilee said. “The main difference now is that students going abroad will not select then be dropped from an assignment they cannot use in the fall.”

With the third year housing requirement that was put in place last spring, all juniors who study abroad in the fall are guaranteed housing upon their return.

“Students returning from abroad will be able to request specific housing and roommates,” Killilee said. “However, assignments are based on space availability.” He also said that in certain instances, students can request a space they know will be vacant in the spring by a student who is either going abroad or graduating.

Killilee also clarified one new procedure for the spring 2016 housing selection process related to room changes between semesters.

“We have seen the number of requests quadruple over the past five years, to the point that we are not always able to honor all requests in timely manner,” he said. “In the past students could request a “blanket” room change to any available space in the spring. Beginning next academic year, while students may make the request, we will only make changes to known vacancies, not potential vacancies.”

Pre-existing procedures that will remain in place are as follows:

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  1. Everyone knows that Patrick Killillee uses Vox as a mouthpiece for his regime. I’m not quite sure what kind of subliminal propaganda Pat is pulling here to push his agenda, but I know it is somehow present. I invite you all to join me in a boycott of Vox and all her corruption until she publicly acknowledges the evil agenda she is being forces to push.

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