Georgetown’s first Hindu chaplain announces resignation

Georgetown’s first Hindu chaplain Pratima Dhram has just announced today that she has resigned from her position at the University effective Jan. 31 due to recent personal developments.

In the email she sent to members of the Georgetown Hindu Community, she wrote, “While my time at Georgetown has been short, I have truly enjoyed the opportunity to support and be part of this important community. I pray as I prepare to leave you that you will continue to live out the very pluralistic principles of Sanatan Dharma at Georgetown.”

Dhram, who began her role at Georgetown on Oct. 1 in the university’s Office of Campus Ministry, had previously served as the first Hindu chaplain in the U.S. Army.
She also had served a yearlong deployment in Iraq and was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for organizing, and leading, multiple humanitarian aid missions for Kurdish Iraqis.

Photo: Georgetown University

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