Serving Up: Teddy and the Bully Bar Restaurant Review

As we all know, Hoyas love their politics and their presidents. And as Vox‘s personal favorite president is none other than Theodore Roosevelt, she just had to try the restaurant Teddy & The Bully Bar, located right in Dupont Circle.

Walking in, you are in TR heaven (if you are a huge Taft person and anti-Teddy, this would not be your scene). The walls are plastered with countless paintings with TR’s thousand watt smile. There is even a wall lined with hundreds of small carvings of Mount Rushmore.

Vox had made a reservation thinking it would be tough to get a table, but she was surprised that the place was relatively empty for a Friday evening. However, the later it became, the more people flocked into the restaurant (especially the Bully Bar).

The prices on the menu made Vox appreciate that she decided to go the weekend her parents were in town. Aka… it would definitely constitute as a restaurant to “splurge” on.

There are a series of small plates and large plates for the table to share. Some of Vox’s personal favorites were the Hudson Valley Foie Gras & Truffle Grits, the Gratinee Mac & Cheese, and the Amish Oven Baked Biscuit Fried Chicken. The fried chicken was extremely crispy. The Grits and the Mac & Cheese were a little bit cold when they were served on the plate, but were still very heavy and delicious.

The service was very fast and efficient, however Vox suggested to her waiter that they should have a special event where they bring in a bull-moose. He responded with a blank stare and a pitiful laugh.

Although the restaurant is very authentic, Vox is a bit suspicious that Roosevelt actually ate any of the items on the menu, such as the Shrimp & Chorizo Risotto. She was still amused by the names on the drink menu that totally embodied his life such as ” A Square Deal Shot & Beer” and “Barrel No. 2: The Conservationist.”

The menu is definitely not what you would call a square deal, but if you are a Teddy Roosevelt enthusiast and enjoy reading quotes from famous female historical figures in the bathroom (Vox assumes there are also quotes from male historical figures in the men’s room, but she unfortunately could not investigate), then you should definitely trust(bust) Vox‘s judgement and (rough)ride your way down to Dupont Circle.

Photo: Julie Norcross via Flickr

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