New PAC challenges Congress’ block of marijuana

Although D.C. voted to legalize marijuana last November with Initiative 71, members of Congress are attempting to prevent the passage of this legislation. This led Justin Robinson, a D.C. native, to organize a grassroots campaign called “Not Your District Political Action Committee”. He is seeking to support politicians who recognize D.C.’s state independence and refrain from interfering with its legislation.

After representative Andy Harris sought to prevent the passage of Initiative 71, Robinson decided to start his PAC. “It’s pretty much one of the most undemocratic things that I’ve seen happen,” Robinson, a fifth-generation native Washingtonian told DCist.

With this campaign, Robinson is planning to raise awareness and update the general public about Congress’s decisions related to Initiative 71.

This is not, however, the only Congressional intervention angering many in the District at the moment. In July of 2014, Kentucky representative Thomas Massie put forth an amendment to block D.C. from enacting local gun laws.

As of right now, Robinson’s organization is just getting started. He has only filed it with the Federal Election Commission and the IRS, and he finances the “Not Your District PAC” with his own money.

Robinson plans to grow his organization, use advertising to target Harris in his district, and encourage the public to challenge the idea that Congress has the right to interfere with D.C. legislation. “I think it’s something that a lot of people in his district wouldn’t agree with,” he told DCist in an interview.

Only time will tell whether Robinson and his PAC can make an impact.

Photo: Cannabis Culture via flickr

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