This Week in the Voice: The other SFS

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 4.42.55 PMWe all know the struggle of trying to register for a class and getting an email from your Dean saying you cannot sign up for courses in the SFS Qatar (well, at least Vox has). In this week’s feature Ian Philbrick, explores Georgetown’s second campus that is quickly growing and is about to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

Next Tuesday, Georgetown’s Qatar campus of the School of Foreign Service kicks off a two-day academic conference entitled “Scapes of Power: A Critical Appraisal” to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Mohammed Reza Pirbhai, an associate professor at SFS-Q and chairperson of the Conference Working Committee, describes “Scapes of Power” in terms that make it seem like a reification of everything SFS-Q has come to embody since its inception in 2005.

News went on the record with President John DeGioia to discuss pressing issues on campus such as free speech policy, financial aid, and new grading policies.

Leisure reviewed the new Japanese ceramic art exhibition at the Freer Museum.

Sports covered the Men’s basketball devastating defeat to Xavier on Tuesday after three Big East wins against Butler, Villanova, and Marquette.

In Voices, one of the members of the OWN IT summit discussed the importance of why we need another women’s empowerment summit.

The Editorial Board discusses the Admission’s Offices’ recent efforts to increase its outreach to undocumented students across the country through the student group UndocuHoyas.

Lastly Page 13 mourns for the death of a fellow on campus publication. What a pity.

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