Club (Sports) or Die: Women’s Ultimate Frisbee is much more than a club team

The Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team, better known as the Huckin’ Foyas, is a force to be reckoned with. Although they were seeded 8th out of 10 teams in a tournament last weekend, they ended up placing 5th overall.

Saturday, the first day of the tournament, started off tough, with fierce matches against Penn State and UMD. Their win against Mary Washington on Sunday boosted them into the quarterfinals against UVA, a nationals-level team. The team ultimately lost that game, but the girls proceeded to win their next two games, leaving with a final 4-4 record.

Teams can expect to play up to four games each day during a tournament weekend. That is not a simple task. But the girls on the Georgetown Ultimate team know what it takes to be tough and competitive.

In an interview with Vox, captain Suzy Jivotovski (COL’15) explained that the game is much more than just tossing a disc around. “Confidence, mental strength, and attitude are equally important to speed and throwing ability, and we strive to create a positive playing environment both against our toughest opponents and easiest match-ups,” she said.

When deciding who gets to go to the tournaments, Jivotovski told Vox that the girls are split up into A and B teams in mid-November. Even though they continue to do workouts and social events together, the two teams practice separately in the spring.

Being on the A team is not easy work.

“A typical A team practice includes drills that focus on specific aspects of the game like man-to-man defense, playing zone offense, learning our playbook and offensive principles, etc,” she said. “Practice also includes scrimmaging and lot of individual feedback from our coach/captains to players.”

Jivotovski explained that the A team also has three weekly assigned workouts—sprinting, lifting, and agility—to complete on their own time or in workout groups.

While the B team also attends about three tournaments each spring season, they are different tournaments than the A team that are more geared towards developing teams. “We are the biggest women’s club sport on campus because we don’t make cuts, rather we have two types of playing or commitment options by having a A team and B team united under one program,” Jivotovski said.

This may seem like a lot of work, but for Jivotovski, Frisbee is much more than a sport. “Club Women’s Ultimate Frisbee has been the center of my Georgetown experience,” she said. “We are a family both on and off the field.”

Jivotovski also told Vox that this family has a reputation for being spirited and fun. If you don’t believe her, check out the rap video they made a couple of years ago and see for yourself.

They were trying to get into a competitive tournament, and in order to prove how fun they were, they decided to create the video. “We woke up at 5 am to go down to the national mall and film on the Lincoln Memorial,” she said. “We got into the tournament and did really well!”

Rumor has it there may be another one coming soon. Check in with Vox to keep you in the loop for more updates on the Club Frisbee Team as well as other developments in club sports here at the Hilltop.

Video: Michelle Stearn via Youtube

Editor’s Note: Post updated 9:53 am.

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