GUSA’s Multicultural Council hosts first “Multicultural Week”

Last week, Tuesday January 27 through February 1, Georgetown hosted its first ever Multicultural Week. Thanks to the work of GUSA’s Multicultural Council—a new council initiated by GUSA’s Trevor Tezel (SFS’15) and Omika Jikaria (SFS’15) last year in order to serve as a resource for cultural diversity in the Georgetown community.

Multicultural Week’s goal as defined by Gina Kim (SFS ’18), representative of the Multicultural Council, was to spread cultural awareness and increase cultural programming on campus.

“We hope to do this by facilitating programming between cultural clubs on campus,” said Kim. “This has been very effective in increasing communications between cultural organizations and GUSA.”

During Multicultural Week, four events took place hosted by different cultural groups on campus, including the Turkish Club and Hellenic Association who hosted “The Taste of the Mediterranean”; the Asian American Student Association and Native American Student Association who hosted a “Minority Health Disparities Panel”; and Latin American Student Association and Georgetown University Mexican Student Association who hosted “Dia de Los Reyes”.

Each event hosted by respective groups included a spread of free food. The culminating event took place on Sunday, a “Multicultural Brunch” held in the Healey Family Student Center Social Room. Many of the events were advertised with a customary hash tag “#SkipLeos”. The final event also included dance performances from different campus groups including the Irish Dance Team.

“After the great success of the Worlds Fair, an event that the Multicultural Council helped put on during International Welcome Week, we wanted to find another way to spread awareness about the great programming that cultural clubs do on campus,” said Kim.

She also emphasized the importance of bringing groups together on campus that do not normally collaborate on events. “After discussions on how to effectively do that, we came up with Multicultural Week,” Kim said. “Our overall plans was to explore different cultures by having a theme for each of the days and having the week-end with an event that put the programming of the week into perspective, the Multicultural Brunch.”

As the week has finished, the Multicultural Council is looking ahead to a few new projects. “The first is helping Georgetown students secure funding for diversity conferences and encouraging more diversity conferences on campus, as well as funding in general. The second focuses on co-sponsorship and hopes to secure more relations between cultural clubs on campus with other organizations like CMEA and GSP, as well as between each other,” Kim said.

“We encourage different cultural clubs to partner with each other in events such as the Minority Health Disparities Panel. We also hold two major events one in the fall and another in the spring,” she said. “Finally we hold working groups to discuss on-campus issues relating to diversity, one in particular is the ability for students to pursue more foreign languages to higher levels.”

Photo: World Bank Photo Collection via Flikr

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