Super Commercials: Vox‘s favorite ads from the big game

On Sunday night, the Cheatriots took on the Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX.

And while the game certainly proved entertaining, those who couldn’t root for either of the two most disliked teams in football found solace in the real show: Super Bowl commercials. Here were some of Vox‘s favorites:

In a preview of one of the summer’s hottest upcoming films, the minions of Despicable Me provided us the first good commercial of the big game. Who couldn’t love your favorite animated characters portraying the behavior of real NFL fans?

This was followed up by a solid performance from Danny Trejo filling the role of Marcia on the Brady Bunch in a classic “you’re not you when you’re hungry” ad from Snickers.

Kim Kardashian was unfortunately able to break her way into the action with a “save the data” monologue in support of T-Mobile.

In one of the biggest surprises, Avocados From Mexico pulled out one of the funniest commercials with their rendition of the first draft ever.

However, in classic fashion, Doritos probably won the funniest commercial award with their skit about a plane passenger trying to find the “perfect” person to sit next to.

Jeff Bridges supported his new album in a, well, rather odd commercial promoting Squarespace. And although esurance didn’t give out 1.5 million dollars as Vox hoped they would, they were able to cast the ever popular Walter White into their ad.

Other highlights included Liam Neeson’s Taken-esque performance for Clash of Clans (Vox is sure we can all sympathize with having our name mispronounced), the NFL’s own commercial that featured a screaming child and keyboard cat, and Mercedes-Benz’s rewriting of one of the most well-known fables.

Is Vox forgetting anything? Oh yes, the Budweiser commercial. Budweiser tugged at the heartstrings once again with their lost puppy commercial, and while it certainly didn’t beat last year’s puppy masterpiece, Vox feels more than comfortable awarding Budweiser with the best commercial award.

While not discussed, Katy Perry’s flamboyant halftime performance should certainly not be ignored, highlighted by the fact that BuzzFeed can now tell you which Katy Perry shark you would be. Go Internet!?

Photo: Mike Mozart via Flickr 

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