Voyeuristic rabbi refuses to vacate Georgetown synagogue

Since October, scandal has circulated around Barri Freundel, the 62-year-old ex-Rabbi of the Georgetown synagogue Kesher Israel. He is now refusing to vacate his home which is owned not by him, but by the synagogue of which he was previously employed.

Allegations arose that Freundel had committed extensive acts of voyeurism (filming six naked women and inviting college students to shower at Kesher Israel) within the synagogue walls.

Freundel was fired from by Kesher Israel in early December after his arrest for voyeurism. Since his employment with Kesher Israel concluded so did his afforded, appropriate time living in the synagogue’s house. The house is one that Freundel and his family have resided in since the late 1980s, according to DCist.

Throughout the last couple of months since these accusations were made, Freundel has made a great deal of drama and fuss in dealing with the situation. This refusal to move out of the synagogue’s house, which he has no legal right to, is just the latest event.

Freundel has already overstayed his welcome for more than a month since it was required by Kesher Israel that he move out by Jan. 1 of this year.

Despite not being due in court until Feb. 19, Freundel is in the midst of other trials. The other trials, however, are in the Orthodox Jewish court, a religious court, called a “beit din”. Apparently Kesher Israel has taken Freundel’s home loitering to Beit Din of America for further action.

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