GUSA (sadly, not Chicken) Madness 2015 has officially begun

It is that time of year again. At exactly 12:00 a.m., under the cover of darkness, the GUSA candidates officially announced their campaigns for the 2015 Executive Elections.

Here are the official tickets:

  • Abbey McNaughton (COL ’16) for President and Will Simons (COL ’16) for Vice President
  • Chris Wadibia (COL ’16) for President and Meredith Cheney (COL ’16) for Vice President
  • Joe Luther (COL ’16) for President and Connor Rohan (COL ’16) for Vice President
    • Mike Minahan (COL ’16) for President and Stephen Paduano (COL ’16) for Vice President
    • Sara Margolis (COL ’16) for President and Ryan Shymansky (COL ’16) for Vice President
    • Tim Rosenberger (COL ’16) for President and Reno Varghese (SFS ’16) for Vice President
    • In order to prepare the candidates for the onerous task at hand, Vox spoke with survivor seasoned campaign veteran and current GUSA Vice President Omika Jikaria (SFS ’15) to see what words of wisdom she had to impart.

      Vox: If you could describe the GUSA Executive Election campaign season in one word, what would it be and why?

      Jikaria: Exhilarating—there was never a dull moment throughout the two weeks. We were challenged in ways we never imagined we could be and had to constantly remain in “campaign mode”. As tiring and taxing the campaign got to be at times, it really showed us what it means to put your heart, soul, and and energy into something in order to achieve a goal, with the most loving campaign staff right there with us each step of the way.

      Vox: What was the biggest challenge you and your campaign staff faced over the course of those two weeks and how did you overcome it?

      Jikaria: The biggest challenge for our campaign team during those two weeks was our slow start to field operations. We remember walking through New South after the first night and seeing quarter sheets for the other campaigns, when we hadn’t even set a door-knocker to that residence hall. After that night, we gathered our field team together and came up with a new game plan. We were able to put up a better showing as the campaign wore on.

      Vox: What is the most important piece of advice you would give to this year’s candidates?

      Jikaria: The most important piece of advice we can impart to this year’s candidates is “respect yourself and the other candidates.” That means it is crucial to take care of your whole being throughout the process (#curapersonalis), which will definitely be the most hectic two weeks of your time at Georgetown. Respecting the other candidates means honoring the time and effort others are putting into their campaigns in the hopes of making Georgetown a better place. Additionally, it is important to recognize the fact that win or lose, you will likely have to work with the other candidates in your capacity as student leaders over the course of the next year at Georgetown, in one way or another. Don’t foster bad blood!

      Vox: And lastly, do you have any comments on Chicken Madness’ decision not to run this year?

      Jikaria: After getting off the phone with Chicken Madness last night, it was clear that Gov. Mitt Romney‘s decision to not run for president in 2016 weighed heavily on the sandwich. While less stiff and more friendly than their gubernatorial counterpart, Chicken Madness did not want to earn the reputation of being a “perennial candidate” and instead focus on other ways to contribute to the Georgetown community.

      Video: Noah Buyon/The Georgetown Voice

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