GUWIL held third “Bring Your Own Boy” event to discuss gender in this year’s Super Bowl ads

Inspired by Emma Watson’s “He for She” movement, Georgetown University Women in Leadership organized its first “Bring Your Own Boy” event more than a year ago. Since then, they’ve hosted the event every semester—with this semester’s held Feb. 4—and they consistently succeed in bringing both men and women together to discuss gender issues.

This semester’s event focused on the portrayal of both genders in Super Bowl ads.

Everyone remembers Carl Jr’s controversially sexy commercials in the past which greatly contrast this year’s relatively quiet and serious tone. Ads that addressed important topics included Dove’s “Men Care”, Always’ “Like a Girl”, and the NFL’s powerful one ondomestic abuse.

It’s always hard to keep the ball rolling, but the moderators did a great job moving the conversation forward. GUWIL is comprised mostly women, however, so the male-female ratio made it quite hard to ask men’s opinion on the issue without repeatedly getting responses from the same handful of people.

As a guy, if you’re the confident type looking to impress girls with your feminist-friendly ideas, then this is the place for you; if you’re shy, Vox recommends bringing some male friends along.

“BYOB” was a friendly reminder that feminism is a social issue, not just a gender issue. The discussions weren’t just enlightening but also entertaining.

Although it was ambitious of GUWIL to attempt to get enough men to set up a balanced discussion with both genders, unfortunately you can’t expect too much with a core membership consisting of only women. However, Vox definitely recommends going to this event in the future and will impatiently wait for next semester’s discussion.

Photo: GUWIL via Facebook

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