NHS Academic Council and AIDS Coalition host Unity Live 2015 concert

A Georgetown tradition of for the past five years, Unity Live, will be kicking off again this evening as the NHS Academic Council and AIDS Coalition are working together to put on a concert raising money for the fight against HIV and AIDS.

Unity Live started as a way to increase awareness of the HIV and AIDS epidemic within D.C. and for the past three years has donated it’s earnings to St. Aloysius, a high school for AIDS orphans in Kenya. A fundraiser for St. Al’s is fitting for Georgetown. It’s not only a Jesuit High School, but Georgetown also sends faculty and students there each summer.

Performers for the event include Groove Theory, the Gracenotes, Percussion, Tappin’ Jacks, Irish Step Dancers, the Phantoms, and the MCs for the event are two members of the Crew team.

“We wanted to include the groups who have stuck with us over the years, maintain a variety, and also have really different groups of campus come together to attract a big audience,” said Jamie Schlarbaum (NHS ’15), who has been coordinating this event for the last four years.

In addition to the performances, Dr. Laura Anderson, Dave Swanson, and Martha Swanson, who have visited St. Al’s, will be speaking at the event in hopes of increasing awareness to the audience.

The goal of the event is to get 140 people to attend, as it costs $1400 to send a student to school each year and the coordinators are confident that they can reach this goal.

“It should be casual and fun, but also hopefully really inspiring and moving,” said Schlarbaum.

Photo: Rebecca Goldberg

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