On the Record with Chris and Meredith: Finance your Future and GUSA culture change …ya DIG?

The fourth ticket in the 2015 GUSA Executive Election that Vox spoke with was Chris Wadibia (COL ’16), running for President, and Meredith Cheney (COL ’16), running for Vice President. Their platform includes Finance your Future, a program to provide financial planning education to students, as well as an emphasis on culture change in GUSA. They would like you to note that their campaign logo does not, in fact, include Healy Hall. Vox should also say she would have loved if this was their actual campaign logo.

What are the most important issues addressed in your platform, and what are some immediate changes you would like to make in office?

Overall, we strive to bring Dignity back to GUSA. Specifically, we have three pillars that we would like lay before the eyes of the student body: Washington & the World, Spirit & Service, Access & Transparency. I would say our Student Trust, wherein we grant students the opportunity to fly home over long breaks, Buy a Brick Program, wherein we give alumni the chance to purchase bricks to replace old ones on campus and create a lasting legacy, and the Finance your Future Program, which aims to provide financial planning education to students, are just some of the programs we wish to start. Once elected, we wish to immediately institute a culture change in GUSA. Culture of Cool, y’all!

What makes your ticket unique from the others that are in the running?

Unlike any other tickets, we met with 11 administrators, in addition to countless student leaders to compose our platform. And the fact that Chris’s experience encompasses the many diverse communities on campus excluding GUSA, enables us to bring a fresh mind and perspective to the GUSA Executive. We wish to establish strong relationships between GUSA and the administration, and believe our collaborative approach makes us stand out as unequally positioned to work alongside the administration to make practical differences in the hearts and lives of Georgetown students.

In addition, if you look closely, our campaign logo does NOT depict Healy Hall. Refreshing, ain’t it?

Which groups on campus have you been involved in during your time at Georgetown?

Chris: I have been involved with LEAD, the African Society of Georgetown, ESCAPE, the Lecture Fund, The Voice, The Hoya, Academic Resource Center, Healey Family Student Center as student building manager, and as an RA for Copley 3. I was also a member of the Corpus Collective Spoken Word Poetry Group, y’all!

Meredith: I am a GUSA Senator representing Nevils/Alumni square, as well as Vice Chair of Finance and Appropriations Committee. I am also the Chair of Georgetown Day, Communications coordinator for the Office of Sustainability, a student leader for Global Social Enterprise Initiative, and an Ambassador for Georgetown Environmental Leaders.

If you could describe your campaign in four words, what would they be?

Passion, Family, Pragmatism, and Dignity.

What is your favorite Wisey’s sandwich?

Chris: Hot Chick with extra dressing!!

Meredith: California Panini <3 Thoughts on Left Shark for GUSA 2015?

We proudly DIG Left Shark. We were the first to recognize our ocean-loving friend’s passion for the people and commitment to swimming against the current for change. And if you click here, you will see that he digs us as well.

Photo: Courtesy of Chris and Meredith

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