On the Record with Tim and Reno: For the love of on-campus housing, “What’s a Hoya”, and Burger Madness

The third ticket in the 2015 GUSA Executive Election that Vox spoke with was Timothy Rosenberger (COL ’16), running for President, and Reno Varghese (SFS ’16), running for Vice President. Their platform includes a submission plan for students going abroad to have assured housing space upon their return and the expansion of the “What’s a Hoya” program. (Reno also opened Vox‘s eyes to the existence of Burger Madness, which is truly a game changer.)

What are the most important issues addressed in your platform, and what are some immediate changes you would like to make in office?

The most important issues addressed in our platform center on the campus plan, funding reform, and “What’s a Hoya.” The campus plan shapes the community in which we live and the next administration will be instrumental in Georgetown’s next 20 year campus plan. We need an executive ready to advocate for better options for on-campus housing, increased green space, and more dining options. We also want to immediately reform funding, specifically funding for cultural groups. Finally, we want to expand “What’s a Hoya” by increasing GUSA’s contribution to the program and the number of eligible programs.

What makes your ticket unique from the others that are in the running?

We have a unique perspective for a GUSA administration as students who have served in but have used other opportunities at Georgetown for most of work on advocating for students. Having each spent a term in the senate, we have the experience and relationships with administrators to effectively shape the University’s future. Unlike some tickets, we don’t have the myopic view that comes from dwelling near exclusively in the GUSA bubble, and we get the concerns of real Georgetown students. We care about helping students worried about debt, job prospects, documentation status, and mental health. We will make sure that every Hoya who wants to be a part of this community has the resources they need to succeed.

Which groups on campus have you been involved in during your time at Georgetown?

Tim: Former Freshman North Senator, Former Vice-Chair Senate Intellectual Life Committee, Policy Co-Chair for the Honor Council, Philanthropy Chair for the 1634 Society, Philodemic Society, Former Capital G, Former Producer for the Mask & Bauble Dramatic Society, Georgetown Scholarship Program, Protestant Campus Ministry, Former Communications Director for the Georgetown University College Republicans, Vice-Chair of the DC Federation of College Republicans, Secretary of GU Pride, Kalorama Fellow, GUROP Researcher, Hawaiian Club, Carroll Fellow, Lannan Fellow, Hoya columnist, and Berkley Center Doyle Fellow.

Reno: GUSA Senator at Large, Chair of the Campus Plan Subcommittee, Commissioner on the Student Activities Commission, former board member of the International Relations Association, former Regional Director of Compass partners, former board member of the Georgetown Roosevelt Institute, former member of the founding board of the United Nations Association of Georgetown, Vice President of Special Aces, member of the Model United Nations team, member of the Secretariat for NAIMUN LI and LII, Coordinator of the Georgetown Diplomacy and International Security Conference, the Carroll Fellows, the Krogh Scholars, and the Global Business Fellows.

If you could describe your campaign in four words, what would they be?

Indescribable, Uncontainable, Amazing, Genuine

What is your favorite Wisey’s sandwich?

Tim: Simultaneously flashing my Italian roots and inner fat kid, Chicken Parm, all the way.
Reno: Burger Madness, Chicken Madness’s better and underappreciated cousin.

Thoughts on Left Shark for GUSA 2015?

Tim: I am deeply hurt that Left Shark has yet to set me up on a date with Right Shark!
Reno: I am deeply hurt that Left Shark has yet to contact us about a cross endorsement.

Photo: Courtesy of Tim and Reno

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