GU Women of Color hosts “Race at Georgetown” to discuss race and privilege

Last Tuesday, Georgetown University’s Women of Color partnered with What’s a Hoya? to hold “Race at Georgetown”: a discussion on race, power, and privilege.

Topics included “what is privilege” and “why don’t we talk about privilege”, bringing to the surface a wide range of testimonies from a passionate audience.

Moderated by Rev. Bryant Oskvig and Prof. Mark Lance with the help of GU Women of Color’s witty Vice-President, Danielle White, the entire discussion remained both energetic and respectful. Nearly the entire discussion was based on comments made by the audience while the moderators were occasionally able to add their views to the discussion.

It seemed as though the purpose of this discussion was that it is only through dialogue that we can better understand one another. Unfortunately, the views being discussed seemed too uniform for the conversation to have any sway on the opinion of audience members, who seemed to only speak to agree with one another. Despite this, the discussion remained enlightening, providing us with an original perspective on a wide range of cases where privilege endures.

Vox still believes that “Race at Georgetown” was a success: attracting hundreds of students to fill the ICC auditorium to two-thirds capacity on a Tuesday night is already a feat in itself.

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