This Week in the Voice: Living Learning Communities and GUSA Endorsements

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This week’s feature in the Voice takes a peek into your not-so typical college dorm rooms, where students with unique interests have the opportunity to live with like-minded Hoyas in the world of Living Learning Communities.

“We want to give people the ability to express themselves,” Michael Marino (COL ’15) a student leader of the Renaissance House said. Sitting in a living room adorned with paintings of famous Italians, Marino discussed how much the Renaissance House has come to mean to him. “It’s about finding mentors and finding people that you can relate to,” he says. “In that sense, the house became an open space.”

The Editorial Board officially endorsed Joe Luther (COL’16) and Connor Rohan (COL’ 16) for GUSA President and Vice President.

News covered the new levels of popularity that the Georgetown Heckler has soared to in the past year.

Leisure reviewed the debut of the Black Theatre Ensemble’s That Face, an emotional and intense performance.

In Voices, all five GUSA tickets tell you why you should cast a vote in their name on Feb. 19.

Last but not least, in sports, the spring seasons are kicking off as the softball team won two games in their opening tournament.

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