Live Blog: 2015 GUSA Presidential Debate

For those of you who have decided not to leave the warmth of your respective apartments on this snowy evening, Vox will be live blogging the 2015 GUSA Presidential Debate in the Healey Family Student Center. Follow along below starting at 7:30 p.m.

3 Comments on “Live Blog: 2015 GUSA Presidential Debate

  1. It would be a major mistake for Chris to be elected as GUSA president.

  2. Debate Grades:

    Tim: A
    Was incredibly boring to start with, but caught on fire after rhetorically murdering Chris on stage. Showed an excellent grasp of the issues and finished the strongest out of all the candidates.

    Joe: A-
    Funny and more knowledgeable than Chris was, impressive for a satirical campaign. Finished Tim’s massacre of Chris off and showed why the Voice and Hoya endorsement of him was not a major misstep for both papers.

    Abbey: B
    Very quiet night from Abbey as she was largely overshadowed by the fireworks from Tim and Chris but gave a generally quiet and competent performance.

    Sara: D
    Stuck entirely to talking points and was not even close to convincing when delivering them. Very boring and had almost no personality on stage. Weak answers to most questions drew subdued applause from her own block of supporters up front.

    Chris: F
    Horrendous showing. Was petty, mean spirited, and generally completely ill-informed about any policy he spoke about, which was not often. The self described nicest man at Georgetown spent his entire opening speech complaining about personal attacks made on him and then spent the rest of the debate directing ad hominems at his opponents while dodging questions. Was torn to shreds when put under scrutiny from other candidates.

  3. Imma let you finish but Abbey and Will had one of the best GUSA videos of all time

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