February 18th: Wuck Finter

As Vox walks to class in her long winter coat and boots, with a gust of cold wind stinging her inner core, she is not bitter about the winter’s snow, but thankful.

Why Mother Nature? How come every time there is precipitation in D.C., the temperature is always 34 degrees? Why haven’t we enjoyed the benefits of living in a cold winter climate, aka a blanket of snow followed by a few days off here and there? Until yesterday.

Vox is a New Yorker. How can one live a life of at least a few snow days combined with a few hour delays, and then go to a school only a few hours south and have the weather constantly be a few degrees off from the threshold of snow?

Vox hopes you enjoyed this Snow Day. She hopes you had your fun sipping on endless wine the moment you got the text message from the 231-77 number, as you glanced at your phone and prayed you didn’t see the words OPEN. Vox hopes that you poor souls never blessed with a snow day in high school enjoyed your fun building a snow man. Vox hopes a majority of you didn’t get out of bed until 3pm like she did.

Vox hopes you had fun. Cause that’s all you’re going to get. As D.C. will get less than an inch tonight, and will drop to a low of 0 degrees tomorrow, the weekend will bring the absolute worst condition… 35 degrees and rain.

Enjoy the fluffy hard pact snow on your feet. Enjoy the salt that will stain your favorite pair of boots. Enjoy the fact that you don’t have to shovel. All that is left to come is a cold, cold, bitter, and wet rain.

Photo: philliefan99 via flickr

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