Luther and Rohan hold slight lead over Abbey and Will, Left Shark struggles

The Joe Luther (COL ’16) and Connor Rohan (COL ’16) ticket holds a slight lead in this year’s GUSA straw poll, beating out Abbey McNaughton (COL’ 16) and Will Simons (COL ’16) 34 percent to 30 percent. 351 people voted in the poll.

Sara Margolis (COL ’16) and Ryan Shymansky (COL ’16) came in third with 14 percent of the vote, while Chris Wadibia (COL ’16) and Meredith Cheney (COL ’16) took 10 percent and Tim Rosenberger (COL ’16) and Reno Varghese (SFS ’16) took 5 percent.

Perhaps the person with the most disappointing performance in this year’s poll was Left Shark.

In the 2012 and 2013 GUSA Executive Elections, the winner of Vox‘s straw poll aligned with the Voice’s endorsements, selecting the winner two years in a row. Although last year the Voice endorsed Thomas Lloyd (SFS ’15) and Jimmy Ramirez (COL ’15) , the poll correctly picked the winning 2014 ticket, Trevor Tezel (SFS ’15) and Omika Jikaria‘s (SFS ’15).

Although Chicken Madness did not beat any actual candidates this year, after Monday night’s “lively” Presidential debate, this should be a very interesting election.

2 Comments on “Luther and Rohan hold slight lead over Abbey and Will, Left Shark struggles

  1. lol that the Hoya poll got way less responses than Vox this year. Looks like a tight 2 maybe 3 way race with the Heckler and Abbey and possibly Sara.

  2. @SophomoreNHS: Vox got 351 responses, The Hoya polled 616 students, 391 of whom were identified as likely voters. I may be bad at numbers, but I’m pretty sure 391 is not “way less” than 351.

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