GUSA Campaign Video Rankings

We might pretend like we read the entire platforms of GUSA candidates, but let’s be honest, between plotting to get a room at HFSC and complaining about the cold, we don’t have time for that.

For the GUSA tickets that have realized how lazy we all are, thankfully campaign videos have been produced. To make your job voting even easier, Vox has ranked all the video campaigns. Happy voting!

#1: Luther-Rohan: ____Topia

From claiming to slay the steam whistle to eliminating the fencing club, just when you were getting annoyed with serious GUSA campaigns, Luther-Rohan provides a much-needed relief. Their satirical comments on Georgetown culture are on point, for example, gently telling Georgetown students that the need to stop telling people how busy they are.

#2: Abby and Will: Rise Together

If you want to avoid falling asleep, you can skip their intro video, but their Valentine’s Day Viagra Spoof is GREAT – “Do not take Rise Together if you have been diagnosed with the fear of change. Side effects may include angry administrators, moderate to severe spending reform, and a better Georgetown.”

Also, Abby and Will unlike any other campaign made many issue specific videos, like this video on the campus plan, though it is a bit weird hearing Will talk with Eminem playing in the background. And, you can’t avoid the fact that their Uptown Funk Parody is adorable.

#3: Chris and Meredith: Dignity

Although many were at first confused upon watching their debut campaign video if Chris and Meredith were running for a GUSA campaign or selling Nike Athletic products, the campaign’s videos have if nothing else been creative in their messaging. In Madame Hoya, viewers are able to enjoy a too-close-up view of every member of the Lecture Fund, but the campaign’s spoof of apple advertising really was clever.

#4: Sara and Ryan: Believe in Georgetown

Credit should be owed to Sara who faced one of GUSA’s harshest and most hilarious critics in an interview with Connor Rohan. Even Sara herself tried to be funny when she said to fund her $5 million student capital campaign, she would merely ask each of Chris Wadibia’s friends to donate a dollar.

In the “Do you believe in magic?” video, we learned that their campaign staff has the unique ability to pretend to look candid embarrassedly dancing. In their intro video, we learned that Sara has poor taste in Wisey’s sandwiches (Blueberry bagel with egg and cheese!? Huh?)

#5: Tim and Reno for Georgetown

…Did they have a video? Oh, right, it was this 30 second video that told us nothing about them. Though, to their credit, Tim’s monologue about how he has struggled financially really was sincere and also refreshing considering socio-economic issues for students has hardly been in the spotlight of this GUSA season.

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