GUSA Election Commission to ensure votes of returned study abroad students

As some of you may have noticed last night as you were attempting to exercise your civic duty, there was a glitch on Hoyalink preventing students who studied abroad in the Fall 2014 semester from submitting their votes for the 2015 GUSA Executive Elections.

According to Graham Willard (SFS ’18) of the 2015 GUSA Election Commission, this issue arises every year and is an inherent flaw in the way Hoyalink conducts elections.

“We are in the process of recording and processing all of the votes that are coming in through the Google Doc,” Willard told Vox. “All of those users will be double checked against a list provided by the Study Abroad Office to make sure that these users were indeed abroad last semester.”

He also said that the Commission will double check all of the users against another list provided by the Center for Student Engagement to catch any other voters who may have fallen through the cracks, including transfer voters.

“We will also crosscheck the Google Doc list with the people who have voted on Hoyalink too,” he said. “So we will be leaving no stones unturned.”

Willard ensures that students who are currently studying abroad are not impacted by the glitch on Hoyalink. “We are not worried about missing votes using this system – in fact, turnout among fall study abroad juniors is currently higher than the school as a whole,” he said.

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