Club (Sports) or Die: Men’s Hockey Team

Vox always wondered if the Georgetown hockey team could host its practices on the Potomac River. (It would be a great location considering the recent 12-degree weather and frozen river.)

After realizing that this idea was probably not feasible, Vox caught up with Georgetown hockey team member Steve Palazzolo (MSB ’15) to get the inside scoop on this underpublicized club sports team.

“Georgetown Hockey has been one of the defining experiences during my time at Georgetown,” Palazzolo told Vox in an interview. He currently lives with four other teammates, and the people who mentored him in his early years at school were also hockey players.

Palazzolo joined the team his freshman year because of his love for the game. “I’ve played almost my entire life, as have the vast majority of players on the team, and knew I wanted to keep playing as long as possible.”

Since Palazzolo has been on the team, they have won three league championships. He attributed their success to the way the team always comes together in those tough moments of competition, and the championships have continually been the highlights of his time with the team. “When your entire season culminates in success and another championship it’s a feeling unlike anything else,” he explained in the interview.

Since the team is only on the ice once a week, Palazzolo said they have to make sure they get most out of each practice.

“A normal practice is run by our three coaches, who are all recent Georgetown hockey alumni. We’ll typically spend the first 15-30 minutes doing fast-paced, skill drills to get the guys’ legs moving and get everyone into the rhythm of practice,” he said. They then spend 30-45 minutes on situational drills with a scrimmage or game to end the practice.

The hockey team’s season runs from September to mid-February, and they usually play 20 to 25 games. Each game has three 20-minute periods and they will typically play three games in a tournament. The team never hosts its own tournaments, so the Leagues often organize them.

Through all their hard work and success, these guys on the team have become more than just teammates; they have become really close friends (and rumor has it they throw some epic parties).

Palazzolo echoed this sentiment, saying, “I don’t know of a tighter knit group on campus than Georgetown Hockey, and it will undeniably be the single thing I miss the most when I graduate in the spring.”

Photo: Georgetown University Hockey Team

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