Startup Hoyas and Wearable Justice host an evening of social innovation

Last evening, Startup Hoyas and Wearable Justice hosted “An Evening of Social Innovation,” featuring a panel of speakers focused on social entrepreneurship, as well as a the 2015 Social Innovation Challenge where students from all four undergraduate schools along with graduate students from all degree tracks had the opportunity to pitch their ideas for social entrepreneurship.

The goal of the event was to educate students on how they can make a difference through social entrepreneurship, while also giving them the opportunity to step on the stage and pitch their own ideas.

“Our major goal is that we really want to educate and give back to the community as much as we operate in it,” said Jacob Maxmin (COL ’17), CEO of Wearable Justice.

“We want to bring our panelists and talk to our students and show them how youth empowerment can be used as a vehicle for more effective social entrepreneurship,” said Maxmin.

The speakers of the event included Vimali Plainswamy and Daniel Heymanimala, young social entrepreneurs, as well as Steve Koltai, head of Global Entrepreneurship Program and Sarah Stiles, a Georgetown professor that teaches a course on students starting their own companies.

The event aimed for speakers to give perspective from the political sphere, as well as from  young people who have already succeeded in starting their own businesses.

Although Vox was in attendance, she envies the students that can already call themselves CEOs without having received a college degree.

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