Fall 2013 Majors broken down by gender and school

Have you ever found yourself staring at a classroom full of men? Well, if you were one of the six Biological Physics (BS) majors in 2013, you probably have…considering all six of them were male.

The gender disparity between various major disciplines at Georgetown may surprise you (or it may perfectly align with your previous assumptions). Vox has analyzed the official gender breakdown statistics for Fall 2013, the most recent year for which there is comprehensive data, that he received from Director of Media Relations Rachel Pugh, for your intellectual pleasure.

When considering the breakdown of majors, there is a slight bias toward female representation that should be taken into account: Georgetown’s total undergrad population was about 56 percent female and 44 percent male. Additionally, the census also excluded all undeclared majors.

Now for the numbers, school by school. There are about 46 majors offered in the College, and the gender distribution varied greatly between majors. 56.2 percent of college majors were female, 43.8 percent were male.

There were some fairly evenly split majors, notably Government (49.6 percent women), Arabic (56.8 percent), Biology (59.5 percent), and English (65.6 percent). There were also some heavily skewed majors in both directions, specifically Economics (32.3 percent women), Psychology (76.7 percent), Linguistics (77.5 percent), and the language majors, which were all majority women.

In the Business School, 41.8 percent of majors were female, 58.2 percent were male. A few majors to note were Finance (28.9 percent female), Accounting (40.4 percent female), and Marketing (67.4 percent female). The rest were fairly evenly distributed.

The SFS revealed that 52.7 percent of majors were female, 47.3 percent were male. Every major except Culture & Politics (72.6 percent female) was close to a 50-50 split, each between 40-60 percent female. The most common SFS major, International Politics, with 227 undergrads, was 51.1 percent female.

The biggest differences in gender distribution were found in the School of Nursing and Health Studies: 80 percent of the school’s declared majors were female and 20 percent were male. Every major was over 65 percent female, ranging from Human Science at 65.7 percent to Nursing at 93.6 percent. International Health and Healthcare Management and Policy were 81.1 percent and 70.6 percent female, respectively.

While all of the data is interesting to consider, there is one paramount thing that Vox will take away from these numbers. If the NHS isn’t the perfect embodiment of the matriarchy, he doesn’t know what is.

Photo: Georgetown University

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  1. Came accidentally on your post, searching for data, it’s interesting. In my country it’s hardly possible to find this data!

  2. If you want an MR degree, majoring in psych is the way to go.

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