Cultural Board Working Group hosts dinner to increase engagement

This Tuesday evening, the Cultural Board Working Group hosted a public dinner and conversation in the HSFC Social Room to discuss the state of participation and collaboration for cultural groups. Vox reached out to Omika Jikaria (SFS ’15), outgoing GUSA Vice President, to learn more.

“The Cultural Board Working Group (CBWG) was created to explore the possibility of the creation of a funding board for cultural groups” said Jikaria. “Since September, CBWG has been interacting with cultural groups, administrators, and relevant offices to determine issues with current funding structures and possible improvements.”

The CBWG has been working this year to get comprehensive input into the feasibility and demand for the potential funding board. “At the end of November, CBWG conducted a survey that sought feedback from all student groups regarding their relationship with their advisory board and their comments on current funding structures,” said Jikaria.

Funding structure at Georgetown is fairly esoteric and very bureaucratic. However, the cumulative budgets of student groups on campus that GUSA appropriates totals over $1 million dollars, and thus many different groups have to come together to make this work.

“The dinner was organized as a way for relevant stakeholders to come together in one room and discuss, in depth, issues such as collaboration, bureaucracy, membership, leadership and board development, and travel/conference funding” said Jikaria. “Ultimately, we are curious to know how best to address issues groups may have and whether or not the creation of a new cultural advisory board would address these issues.”

Discussion on funding processes will continue to evolve through the remainder of the semester. The event was co-sponsored by GUSA, SOCA, GU Center for Student Engagement, and Georgetown University Office of Campus Ministry.

Photo: Theo Montgomery/The Georgetown Voice

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