D.C. ranked third most expensive rent, but on the decline

Living in campus housing—as most of us are—we understand the struggle of expensive housing, sometimes in places inadequately fit for their price. D.C.’s housing market mirrors that of campus housing in some respects. Particularly that D.C. is ranked third for most expensive cities in regard to rent (shocker).

However, D.C., seeming to major in extremes, is also one of the cities with the fastest declining average rent prices in the nation. Though the cost remains ridiculously high, the average rent has dropped by 3.6 % in only the last year—a substantial change in cost.

The average one-bedroom apartment in D.C. costs $1,770 and a two-bedroom apartment goes for $2,740 per month, according to DCist—note that in a Georgetown double in Village C, you’re paying approximately $1,190 per month (a fairly average rate for college housing).

For those who choose to live close to the city but not actually within its limits, rent is much more manageable. The rent, on average, for a two-bedroom apartment in Bethesda, Maryland is $1,820—only fifty bucks higher than living in a potentially cramped one-bedroom apartment in the city.

Living in the suburbs (ehow seems to think it’s a pretty bomb idea) can save residents a lot of money in rent and, on the upside, the stress of a 24-7 urban environment as well.

Photo: The U.S. National Archives via Flickr

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