GAMBLE hosts 2015 diversity conference with Shaq as keynote speaker

Shaquille O’Neal is coming to town, and no, it’s not for basketball.

Georgetown Aspiring Minority Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs (GAMBLE) is co-hosting the Diversity Dialogue Conference this Friday in collaboration with the McDonough School of Business Undergraduate Program Office with Shaq is one of the keynote speakers.

GAMBLE’s mission is to help minority undergraduates with the employment search process through working on hard and soft skills, forming relationships with corporate partners, and using the Georgetown alumni network. This group hosts many events and conferences that are centered on both professional and personal development.

In an interview with Vox, GAMBLE co-president Daisy Peraza (COL ’15) explained that this group is not exclusive to the MSB, but rather it is open to anyone interested in these issues and opportunities regardless of school, year, and major.

GAMBLE co-president Karen Adan (MSB ’15) to get the details on the Diversity Dialogue Conference taking place this Friday. “The main goal of the conference is to provide students and firms with a platform in which they engage in a conversation about diversity and inclusion,” she told Vox. There will be keynote speakers as well as sessions on action plans for success, owning one’s identity, entrepreneurship, and women in technology.

Adan explained that the idea for this year’s conference stemmed from the first annual Diversity Dialogue hosted last year by the group. Former presidents Keegan Carter (MSB ’14) and Liz Sellers (MSB ’14), both business school students, found a lack of conversation about diversity and inclusion within the MSB. “They wanted to further expand GAMBLE’s mission by creating an all day event that was specifically centered around these important issues,” Adan said.

Both Adan and Peraza want to continue this mission of providing a safe space for conversation about diversity and inclusion in the workplace through this year’s conference.

For the two, this conference is merely the beginning. When asked what the next steps are for the group, Peraza replied, “GAMBLE will continue to work with students and the university to increase awareness on issues of diversity and shed light upon the different challenges that minority students face as they pursue their professional careers.”

Photo: GAMBLE 2015 Diversity Conference via Facebook

2 Comments on “GAMBLE hosts 2015 diversity conference with Shaq as keynote speaker

  1. “Identity. Empowerement. Building Bridges.” Hmmmm

  2. It’s like boom (boom!)
    I put it in the hoop like slam (slam!)
    I heard the crowd screamin, now jam (jam!)
    I swear that I’m telling you the facts
    ‘Cause that’s how I attended an entrepreneurship diversity conference with Shaq

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