Club (Sports) or Die: Women’s Basketball

The Georgetown Women’s Club Basketball team may not be 7 feet tall and 350 pounds like Josh Smith, but they definitely are tough.

“Playing club basketball at Georgetown has honestly been one of my best experiences here so far. It was the first activity I joined as a freshman, and it really helped me transition to college life and introduced me to so many people that I never would have met otherwise,” team captain Marybeth Teresczuk (COL ’16) told Vox in an interview.

For Teresczuk, the group dynamic of a sports team is completely different from any other club on campus. “There are really two aspects of any club sport here at Georgetown: the athletic/competitive side and the social side,” she said.

Grace Brennan (COL ’17), who is a member of the team and is also an assistant editor for Vox, explained that the team often gets together during social events and dinners and continues to improve upon the close dynamic.

The team has been a proponent of the Club Sports social gatherings, including the Club Sports Formal. “Our program was actually the team to start the [Formal] that is at the end of every spring semester in Epicurean!” Brennan told Vox in an interview.

Although these women know how to have fun off the court, they definitely understand the hard work it takes to be successful on the court. The team practices twice a week late at night, usually from 8-10 pm or 10-12 pm, depending on IM schedules.

Unlike a lot of the other teams they play, such as Duke, UNC, Johns Hopkins, and Villanova, they do not have a coach. The captains run the practices and the tournaments, which can put a lot of pressure on them.

“However, everyone on the team is really good about holding each other accountable so that we can play our absolute best and so that everyone can contribute their own strengths on the court,” Brennan explained.

The team usually plays around 10 games a semester. Two weeks ago, the team travelled to the University of Pennsylvania to play in a two-day tournament. On Saturday they lost to Towson but won against West Virginia and St. Josephs. They ended up losing to St. Josephs on Sunday. Teresczuk explained that the win against West Virginia was big considering that particular team has coaches, more players, and a lot funding.

Win or lose, the players view the team as much more than just a club sport. “It has definitely been a really integral part of my experience at Georgetown, not only for being able to continue playing basketball, but for also making amazing friends with people who share my love of the game,” Brennan said.

Photo: Georgetown University Club Sports via Facebook

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