Secret Service crashes car into White House barricade

The Department of Homeland Security is investing a report that two Secret Service members drunkenly ran into a barricade in front of the White House on March 4th, said White House officials Wednesday.

Jason Chaffetz, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, reported that the Secret Service members were returning from “partying in Georgetown” at a bar, where they had been honoring a retiring Secret Service spokesman, Edwin Donovan.

According to the Washington Post, the agents drove up to the White House, where both DC police and other Secret Service agents were attempting to clear the area for investigation of a “suspicious package”. The police had set up barricades and security tape to clear the area during the investigation. The two agents drove through the security tape and hit the barricades before stopping.

The agents broke multiple Secret Service rules, such as using the car’s flashing lights without a security reason, and, quite obviously, driving a government vehicle while intoxicated.

Bipartisan rebuke came from the House Oversight Committee, and the committee questioned whether further reforms were needed.

This is not the first time the Secret Service has been in hot water, as the past three years have seen four different scandals, ranging from agents buying prostitutes in Columbia to their inability to stop a psychotic White House fence jumper from running into the White House with a knife.

Julia Pierson, the former director of the Secret Service, resigned last October due to pressure from the scandals. A new director, Joseph Clancy, was appointed by President Obama after serving as interim director after Pierson stepped down. This new development does no favors for Clancy, who is attempting to reform the Secret Service and restore its reputation.

The investigation is ongoing, and the agents have been reassigned to nonoperational duties for the remainder of the investigation.

Photo: Diego Cambiaso via flickr

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