Do you dare to have dinner with seven strangers?

Having dinner with strangers? On Georgetown’s campus? That might seem daunting or strange, but for the creators of the Dinner with 7 Strangers (DW7S), that is exactly the point.

You may have seen the mysterious flyers around campus, but the concept of group is simple: to invite seven members of the Georgetown community to come together for home-cooked food and conversation.

The people behind the initiative prefer to remain anonymous, but in an email interview with Vox, they said, “We see it (DW7S) as a way for any and all Hilltop strangers to break bread and learn a little bit about each other. DW7S is the opportunity to share a meal; consider what cura personalis really means; and reflect on the Georgetown experience.”

DW7S came about in a conversation among friends on campus. During the discussion, they wanted to create an opportunity for everyone to be invited to a table. “From freshman to senior; from student to professor; from one friend to another. That idea turned into a reality when we decided to make it a reality,” they said.

The founders of DW7S do not see dinner as a new phenomenon; rather, they view it as a way to bring people from all sorts of life around Georgetown in a meaningful and intimate way. It’s the chance to meet new friends and mentors, to take a break from the daily grind, and to appreciate the power of a communal experience.

DW7S stands in contrast to the often exclusive and competitive clubs on campus. For this event, there is no application or screening process: anyone who signs up will have the opportunity to try out the experience.

Choosing to join a dinner “means confronting the embarrassing, the inconvenient, and the awkward. That means understanding that we’re cut from the same fabric—not a cut above or below one another. That means getting to know those who aren’t like you rather than those who are,” the creators explained in the interview.

DW7S is more than a dinner. It is a chance to broaden your perspective and to see Georgetown in a new light. Sign up to join the initiative here.

Photo: Dinner with 7 Stranger via Facebook

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