The Chainsmokers headline the Spring Kickoff Concert 2015

If you have ever wanted to be like Kanye or take a #Selfie (or simply to rage to endless remixes of electronic dance music), this year the music odds are in your favor.

On April 10th, the Spring Kickoff Concert 2015, brought to you by the Georgetown Program Board, will feature The Chainsmokers as the headliner with Matt and Kim (warranting major Vox approval) and Kyle as the opening artists.

GPB Concerts Co-Chairs Andrew Minkovitz (SFS ’17) and Kevin Phelan (COL ’16) gave Vox the inside scoop on this year’s selection process, which began with considerations of the new budget reductions as well as student polls that revealed what type of music their fellow Hoyas were most interested in hearing.

“In October, we released a genre poll, in which electronic music came out on top,” Phelan and Minkovitz said. “Later that month, we followed up with an artist poll, in which we included an extensive list of artists for students to rank, and offered students the chance to comment with an artist of their choice.”

According to the Concerts Co-Chairs, the Chainsmokers performed quite well in the poll (making Vox very suspicious of Georgetown students’ narcissim love of #selfies), heavily influencing the decision to select the EDM duo as the headliner.

The process also accounted for feedback regarding student interest in a range of artists as well as reviews of those artists’ live performances.

“This in particular was one of the reasons our opener, Matt and Kim, was chosen,” Phelan and Minkovitz said. “They also have a reputation for putting on a great live show and amping up the crowds.”

When organizing for the Spring Concert, GPB likes to have multiple genres represented, in order to cater to the music preferences of as many students as possible. It is safe to say that having the EDM duo of the Chainsmokers as this year’s headliner will offer a slightly different experience than hip hop/rap artist Big Sean. (Then again, maybe the Chainsmokers want to be like Kayne to keep it in the clique).

One unique aspect of this year’s Spring Kickoff Concert is the partnership with Recess, a music and ideas festival that previously worked with GPB to put on the Calvin Harris show in 2013.

“We believe the partnership with Recess will be able to make the overall event of the Spring Kickoff Concert transcend just music. Through Recess during the day, we will be able to offer students a closer look at various start-ups, and valuable networking exposure,” Phelan and Minkovitz told Vox.

Included in the day’s agenda is a speaker series that resembles TED Talks featuring with Head of Global Hospitality at AirBnB and Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Fest300 Chip Conley as the main speaker. There will also be a pitch competition that awards the top startup team a trip to L.A. to meet prominent investors, advisors, and mentors.

Tickets for the Spring Kickoff Concert will be on sale for $20 starting at noon today here. GPB is also selling a limited number of VIP tickets that include Fast Entry and a Meet and Greet with the Chainsmokers.

Photo: Georgetown Program Board

2 Comments on “The Chainsmokers headline the Spring Kickoff Concert 2015

  1. “new budget reductions” are definitely apparent in the selection

  2. Matt & Kim have four albums out (compared to the Chainsmokers’ two singles), and they a fifth on the way. Plus, their music doesn’t sound like it was made by some PBR-loving fratstars who refuse to let brostep die. Why aren’t they headlining?

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