Serving Up: Basil Thai

Wisconsin is like a mini-streak of the tundra and sometimes the only thing that can warm up your soul on that Avenue is noodles and rice.

Vox is am convinced that is what the lunch gods preached as they created Basil Thai, a place where one can forego Georgetown glamour in favor of a homey atmosphere and incredible food.

The restaurant is tucked into a brick wall and is the size of a big living room; the mango-colored walls make it feel like a wise old woman’s kitchen. Circular mirrors speckle the room, and light comes in from a few small windows. Near the kitchen the lamps glow orange and a wood bar holds cat statues and bonsai trees. Light jazz music plays, the kind you’d hear during the mellow scenes of Woody Allen movies.

Our waitress was ever-smiling and actually seemed genuinely concerned for the state of Vox‘s vegetarianism. She brought us free spring rolls and then proposed vegetable alternatives to every option Vox mentioned on the menu. Vox took her advice to order yellow curry with tofu, but only after some agonizing.

Colored by its reputation as the best food in town, the menu sizzled with treasures like sweet and sour, Rama Thai (steamed meat and broccoli with smooth peanut sauce), eggplant basil, and pineapple curry. For Vox, creamy and spicy is the only remedy to Thursday at 2pm. The yellow curry enlivened Vox‘s soul—in fact, it is still giving her a little endorphin rush just thinking of how hot and flavorful it was.

To take a turn from those growing-sensualized depictions, Vox would also like to point out that Basil Thai has reasonable prices: $10 flat for almost every entrée on the lunch menu. Numbers feel so much better without decimal places… The restaurant served white and red wine and beer, which wasn’t bad for the $4.95 my accompanist got to throw at his afternoon.

Vox was no stranger to Basil Thai’s quality—she’s ordered in pad thai way too many times for that—but a trip to the restaurant itself was well worth it. It has a scrappy, un-self-conscious vibe. The decor isn’t totally coordinated and the ambiance is laidback, but less fortunately located gourmands would definitely make the trek to Georgetown to taste this authentic Thai.

Sitting at one of Basil Thai’s little tables felt exactly where two 20 year-olds feeling out the big, bad world should be. Everything’s easier when you’re warm.

Photo: Dominique Rouge/The Georgetown Voice

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