GUSA inauguration marks new era of the Funny Guys

Joe Luther (COL ’15) and Connor Rohan (COL ’15) were sworn in as the new executives of GUSA on Saturday afternoon. To a small gathering of GUSA members, family, friends, and beautiful press, they gave brief speeches and pledged their undying commitment to the tumultuous apparatus that is our student government.

Luther opened up his remarks by reminding the room of the down-to-earth demeanor with which he and Rohan intend to manage GUSA.

“On a campus known for attracting pre –professionals, GUSA has accrued a sustained reputation for attracting resume-builders, and Bill Clinton clones. GUSA is supposed to serve the students and over the years it has alienated the very people it was designed to represent,” Luther said.

In a political fashion, he closed his speech with a discussion of his intention to engage the most passionate members of our campus and work through the Campus Plan to mold a better campus for future Hoyas.

Originality may be difficult to squeeze into a 2-minute address. His good sense of humor and sincerity, however, were clear.

Rohan made a quirkier address, but discussed more serious sentiments. He spoke about his fear as a transfer student and how the atmosphere at Georgetown alleviated it.

“I couldn’t fail here because everyone at Georgetown is willing to support each other with intelligent, unique ideas and initiatives in order to achieve a shared goal of changing the goal for the better,” he said. “Ultimately, our goal this year is to create a GUSA that operates from the bottom up. That’s why we are conducting over 20 hours of interviews to elect our cabinet and staff.”

Time will tell whether Luther and Rohan can hold onto their critical and individual-oriented approach to running GUSA. In the stern walls of Healy 106 their humor seemed to be sniffing the air to see just how firmly their jokey leadership-style needed to come across. With firm handshakes and well-placed emphasis, they seem ready to explore their roles.

Photo: Dominique Rogue/The Georgetown Voice

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