Messi comes to Georgetown, and no you (probably) can’t stalk him

Whether you’re a die-hard club soccer fan or can’t bring yourself to watch more than two minutes of a game without sheepishly checking your Facebook newsfeed, you’ve probably heard about Lionel Messi coming to Georgetown this week.

For all of you ‘Muricans who refuse to believe that the word “football” entails anything else but a good ol’ pigskin: this is a really big deal.

Not only will one of the most popular soccer players of our time be in D.C., but the entire Argentine soccer team (consisting of 12 players such as Sergio Aguero from Manchester City and Javier Mascherano from Barcelona) will be training at Georgetown all week starting on Tuesday as a buildup to their match against El Salvador at FedEx Field on Saturday.

According to an article in the Washington Post, the team is paying Georgetown an “undisclosed fee” to train on its facilities both before and after the game. From there, the team will fly to New Jersey to play a friendly against Ecuador at MetLife Stadium.

Vox herself could hardly contain her excitement when she heard the news (Will we see him on our way to Yates? Will we spot the team in all of their Argentine glory walking across campus during our trek to Saint Mary’s at 9:30 in the morning?), but alas, the sessions are not being publicized due to security issues and fears of over-crowding.

Nevertheless, our very own Georgetown soccer players will be assisting with the practices, acting as either “active participants” or merely ball fetchers during the week; meaning that it may in fact be possible to catch a glimpse of one of the players in between classes.

When asked about the visit, Georgetown coach Brian Wiese said, “Yesterday we were watching Messi put the ball between Manchester City’s legs and next week he’ll be putting it between our legs.” Vox is very hopeful that he will, Wiese. Very hopeful.

Photo: Saadick Dhansay via flickr

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