SoulCycle to replace Wisconsin Ave hookah bar

Hoyas, get your workout pants and bright reusable water bottles ready, because everybody’s favorite contemporary fitness club, SoulCycle, is coming very close to us. To 1024 Wisconsin Ave. NW, in fact.

Yes, you read that right. Last week, the Washington Business Journal broke the news that SoulCycle will be opening at what used to be an Arabic-themed hookah bar, Prince Cafe.

The new SoulCycle location, the Journal reports, will contain 56 bikes where the club will hold its spinning classes. It will also contain a shop that sells SoulCycle merchandise, because heck, if it’s easy enough to get $5 large-sized skim iced lattes with two shots of sugar-free hazelnut syrup, a sachet of Splenda, and a dash of cinnamon (does that even taste good?) then this neighborhood’s next major social advance must be to make it easier for anyone to find their souls. Even if that means overpriced teal-colored T-shirts that you can wear to your SoulCycle class.

Perhaps even fans of hookah might not dearly miss Prince Cafe, which has been forced by District inspectors in Dec. 2013 to suspend its operations for violating health codes, according to local television station WUSA9. On Yelp, reviewers have long complained about poor service and seeing cockroaches and caterpillars on the wall.

In any case, if you’re actively considering a SoulCycle class now that you can so conveniently take one in the neighborhood, why not check out Vox‘s comprehensive review of its spin class from last November?

Photo: James Constant/The Georgetown Voice

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