Club (Sports) or Die: Boxing

In this week’s Club (Sports) or Die, Vox reached out to the Georgetown University Boxing Club team. While boxing itself may be a highly individual sport, outside of the ring there is a powerful sense of camaraderie.

“Club sports like boxing bring people together who share a passion and can build friendships from that. I have made many friends from being on this team, and it’s also taught me a lot about discipline and hard work both in and out of the ring,” club boxing member Sinead Schenk (COL ’17) explained to Vox in an interview.

For co-captain Jeffrey Wong (MSB ’16), the team dynamic of boxing becomes obvious during practice. “We help each other prepare for fights together by training and pushing each other to work harder in practice,” he told Vox. “And when fight time comes, we hope to be as prepared as possible so that each of us is confident in each other to compete at a high level in the ring.”

There are no distinctions among team members during practice. As Schenk explains, “When it comes to practice, everyone is equal and always trying to help each other out no matter what level of experience you’re at.”

Each practice begins with 5-6 rounds (3 minutes each, 30 second breaks) of jump rope, then 5-6 rounds of shadow boxing (each round themed for different situations). Sometimes they do mitts, and spar. The practice usually ends with some kind of exercise, like an abdominal work out or burpees.

“Tournaments, or showcases, are run by matching up fighters from different colleges around the US that are a part of the United States Intercollegiate Boxing Association,” Wong explained. Fighters are then matched up by weight class in order to get the best show possible.

What makes the boxing team special is that it is comprised of a geographically diverse group of people. Some sports, like hockey, have members mostly from the northeast. Fo boxing, however, the team hails from all over the country as well as many countries outside of the US.

“Usually our boxers have never had any boxing experience (myself included). Which means that all of us are working together in learning this one craft that we have never experienced before, unlike other clubs on campus,” Wong said in the interview.

Through all their practices and hard work at tournaments, the team has become a supportive and fun family. “Some of the best people I have met at Georgetown have been on my team,” Schenk said. “It’s definitely worth trying because even if you decide the sport is not for you, the people are the best you will ever meet.”

Photo: Georgetown University Boxing Club via Facebook

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