New housing policy has not impacted the number of students studying abroad in Fall 2015

In the midst of many panicked sophomores with plans to go abroad next semester having no idea where they are going to live upon return in January (curse you, Office of Residential Living), Vox decided to chat with Craig RinkerDirector of Global Education, to investigate whether this new policy has impacted the number of students studying abroad in Fall 2015.

According to Rinker, there were 444 juniors that studied abroad in Fall 2014 and there were actually 499 applications to study abroad in Fall 2015. This number will change in the upcoming weeks, but Rinker stated that largely (but not entirely) the number of students that applied to study abroad in this upcoming fall have committed to their programs.

While Vox had suspected that the numbers would change based on the new housing policy, most have decided to cross their fingers that they aren’t placed in VCE upon their return.

“I do not think the change in the housing lottery process had a significant impact on whether students decided to study abroad or not.  I believe students view study abroad is an investment in their undergraduate academic experience,” said Rinker.

While students have had to commit to programs for the Fall 2015, the Office of Global Education is still in the application process for the Summer 2015 programs and does not yet have any data.

For Fall 2015, the programs that received the most applications were the Danish Institute for Study Abroad, the Georgetown Villa in Fiesole, Italy, Georgetown in Madrid, Spain, Liberal Arts in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sciences Po Lyon, and the University of Edinburgh.

While the number of students going abroad in the fall has not significantly changed based on the new housing policy, Vox laughs at the Office of Residential Living for that fact that they’ll have to place 400 students into housing.

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