Vox Talks: 4/20

Don’t go hungry on 4/20

You’ve finished your last Wednesday class, you’re stoked to start your last break before your life launches into that special circle of Hell reserved for final exams, and you notice something—it’s April 20! And while the weather this year doesn’t really cater to finding a beautiful place on campus to sit outside and “breathe,” and […]

Where to enjoy the fresh air on 4/20

There’s something about 4/20 that makes it wonderful day to get out and fill your lungs with … spring air. We’re at a balmy 62 degrees as Vox is writing this, and with no wind or rain in sight, tonight would be the perfect night to enjoy nature. Of course, you have to be choosy […]

Service Journalism: Helping you go green this 4/20

Remember kids, just say no to “pot parties” Oh, April the 20th. The twentieth day of the fourth month. A wonderful time to explore nature and appreciate its bounty. In the interest of helping the student body enjoy it to the fullest, Voice staffers compiled a list of some spots on campus that we thought […]

You’ve Been A Bad, Bad Hoya: White House staffer caught running snarky Twitter

Jofi Joseph (SFS ’94) just hit the wall. He almost had it all. This erstwhile member of the National Security Council, a division of the executive branch that advises the President of the United States on matters of homeland security and foreign policy, was fired last week after he was unmasked as the snarky voice […]

Man who self-immolated at National Mall dies of injuries

The day after a car chase that ended with D.C. police shooting and killing the driver, a man self-immolated in the middle of the National Mall and later died from the wounds, according to the Washington Post. The burns were so severe that medical personnel will have to use DNA analysis and dental records to identify […]

Documentary to investigate District Taxi Cabs (yes, they’re that bad)

The D.C. taxi system, famous for its many dysfunctions, is about to go through many reforms. That caught the attention of a documentary filmmaker, according to the DCist, so yes, that means that this cab system has become so notorious a documentary will be made about it. The director and producer, Julie Espinosa, hopes to […]

Prefrosh Preview: Weed, molly, coke—pick your favorite

Georgetown doesn’t have a huge drug scene, but many students smoke pot recreationally. Students often find it difficult to find dealers, though, and it’s even harder to find good places to smoke. Most students end up smoking in their dorm rooms or apartments, which is generally fine, though every once in a while people do […]

Comments of the Week: Vox says farewell to Baby Connor “Sparklecakes” Jones

This week Vox underwent a regime change. In a clash of titans, Baby Connor “Sparklecakes” Jones conceded his throne as Vox overlord to Julia “TB” Tanaka. Although discharged of his duties, Jones’s legacy will never be forgotten. Frequent Vox reader and casual troll, GFK, could barely contain his emotions: meh Life post-Vox can be an adjustment for some. […]

DPS ups security presence on campus amid violence in Boston

In an email to students this afternoon, Chief of Police Jay Gruber announced that DPS will be increasing security on campus in light of the recent acts of terrorism in Boston. Last night, in particular, 26-year-old Sean Collier, an MIT police officer, died in an armed confrontation with the men suspected of perpetrating the Boston […]

New poll shows that D.C. wants legal weed

Ahead of Vox‘s favorite day to enjoy nature, D.C. gives us another reason to be glad Georgetown is located in such a liberal city. A new poll released today by the Drug Policy Alliance and the Marijuana Policy Project found that 63 percent of residents supported enacting Colorado-esque legalization schemes here in the District. A […]