According to Campus Grotto, there are 39 schools more expensive than Georgetown

After yet another disappointing failure to break the top 20 universities in the country and an international ranking that we really don’t want to talk about, Georgetown was hit with yet another blow with the most recent list of college rankings to hit the Internet. Campus Grotto released their annual list of the most expensive […]

Georgetown is still an expensive college, says Campus Grotto

The good news: Georgetown dropped in Campus Grotto‘s annual ranking of the nation’s most expensive colleges. The bad news: Georgetown is still in the top 15. According to the rankings, Georgetown is the 15th-most expensive college in America. The annual tuition cost, $39,768, was ranked the 52nd-most expensive. Campus Grotto complied the rankings through the […]

American University has the most expensive student housing in the District

When it comes to pricey schools in the District (or in the country, for that matter), Georgetown and George Washington usually come to mind as those that reach the furthest into their students’s pockets. But, much like we were surprised to discover that Georgetown wasn’t in the top 20 most expensive schools in the country, […]

Georgetown is ninth most expensive college in the country

With an annual cost of $53,340, Georgetown is the ninth most expensive school in the country, according to Forbes. The rankings, which were compiled using data provided by the Chronicle of Higher Education and Campus Grotto, almost exclusively features small, private colleges in the Northeast. Although Forbes did not account for financial aid, the rankings […]

Georgetown had 71st largest endowment for fiscal year 2008

The National Association of College and University Business Officers recently crunched the numbers to come up with a complete ranking of U.S. college and university endowments for fiscal year 2008. Granted a lot has changed since then, but with an endowment of $1,059,075,000 at the end of fiscal year 2008, Georgetown was ranked 71st.  That […]

Georgetown now the 7th most expensive school in the country

Georgetown is the seventh most expensive school in the country for the 2009-10 school year, according to a list just compiled by Campus Grotto.  With a total average cost of $51,122 per year, we’re more comparatively economical than we were last year, when we came in third. The curious thing about Georgetown’s showing is that […]

Georgetown now the 4th most expensive school in the country

Ever get the feeling that the price of attending Georgetown has become a little exorbitant? It could be because, with an annual cost of $49,689, we’re now the 4th most expensive college in the country, according to a list compiled by Campus Grotto. We didn’t even crack the top 20 on last year’s list, so […]

I, for one, welcome our new Georgetown blog overlords

Of the few hundred posts I written for Vox, this is the one I least enjoy. In a few minutes, I’ll hand my blogging keys over to Geoffrey Bible and Nico Dodd, the two Voice writers who will gratuitously Blingee photos in my stead. Then, I’m headed back to the kind of news writing that […]

D.C. has highest student debt in the country

The Project on Student Debt recently published its figures for the Class of 2009—and it ain’t pretty. American student debt is frighteningly high; according to the study, which was published by the Institute for College Access and Success, the national average debt for a graduating senior in 2009 was $24,000. Among all states, D.C. claims […]