Just the Tip: Buy glasses and don’t bother with contacts

Dear Connor,
I’ve had this issue where every time I go out… I black out. I’ve tried altering my drinking choices, I’ve started to drink later in the night, and I’ve even tried eating more… but I just can’t shake this lack of memory in the evening. I want to make my nights at Georgetown memorable… and I don’t even know if I’m having fun. What do I do?

Blackout Queen

Dear Blackout Queen,

That’s dangerous what you’re doing to yourself!  “Eating more” and “starting to drink later in the night” are lame attempts at fixing your problem, as they don’t get to the root cause.  The problem is that there’s too much alcohol in your brain because there’s too much alcohol in your bloodstream because there’s too much alcohol in your gut because you’re drinking too much. Just keep tabs on how much you’re drinking and scale it back, and maybe don’t even drink at all if this is something that is happening to you. If you’re blacking out every time you drink regardless of the safeguards that you take, the problem may be medical and perhaps bigger than just forgetting your nights.

Livin’ la vida loca,

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Comments of the Week: Whose property is it anyway?

Last week on Vox, we asked our readers what to name the complex-sounding and swanky Healey Family Student Center (the Healz?), featured two heads of state, one of which Skyped in from Liberia to talk about the Ebola epidemic, and reported on D.C.’s new concealed carry law.

The biggest news of the week, though, was H*yas for Choice reliving their free speech, or lack thereof, nightmare while Cardinal Donald Wuerl, the Archbishop of Washington, was granted an honorary degree by Georgetown in an elaborate ceremony, courtesy of a blunder from the Georgetown University Police Department. RentADOPS had this to say:

I mean… DOPS (I refuse to call them GUPD) is full of morons who don’t know the rules or much of anything else. Double-digit IQ & triple-digit paycheck. What else is new?

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Concert Preview: Gettin’ fancy with Charli XCX

It’ll be Thursday, and you’ll might end up asking yourself why you went to Rhino instead of seizing the night. Why not venture out of the Georgetown bubble to the 9:30 Club for a concert that will change your life? Charli XCX is playing the 9:30 Club on Thursday, Oct. 2. Doors are at 10:00 p.m. and tickets are $22.

Charli XCX is the Billboard Hot 100’s greatest secret. Maybe you’ve heard of Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy,” or Icona Pop’s “I Love It?” Both of these were co-written by this Queen Midas herself, who still has minimal name recognition for someone whose music has been played ad nauseam on radio stations all summer long. It’s really surprising that she’s still playing venues as small as the 9:30 Club when her contemporaries, whose names she effectively made, are playing in stadiums globally. More recently, “Boom Clap” has climbed up the charts after being featured in the summer tearjerker film The Fault In Our Stars.

But these hit songs are not wholly representative of the pop genius that is Charli XCX. While she got signed in 2010, she released her debut EP, “You’re The One,” in 2012. And it’s still spectacular two years later. “Stay Away” is a downtempo and slowly grooving dichotomy between delicate synths and gritty undertones. Her tendency towards the grunge of Siouxsie Sioux seems perpetually at odds with her soft voice.

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Poll: What should we call the Healey Family Student Center?

Healey Family Student Center, what an awkward jumble of words. It’s made worse by the fact that Georgetown’s most iconic building is already called “Healy.”

The Healey Family Student Center desperately needs a new name, one that is short, snappy, and perfectly clear. Regents, Leavey, Reiss, those are reliable names.

And so Vox turns to his faithful readers to provide suggestions. Answer the poll to give Vox your feedback on what the new student center should be called. Vox highly recommends “Heelz,” but feel free to leave any suggestion.


This Week in Halftime: Mario Balotelli sure is crazy

The sports and leisure fanatics on Halftime put together a great week’s worth of posts. Rob Ponce defends Italian soccer player and overall insane person Mario Balotelli, terming him “the most interesting man in the world.”

On the pitch, he’s one of the most captivating figures in professional sports. His critics call him “erratic” and “crazy,” two claims that even his biggest fans would have trouble denying. The striker, nicknamed “Super Mario”, is one of soccer’s most gifted athletes; a player who is capable of making the difference in any contest. Despite his impressive tactical and athletic prowess, his occasional on-field meltdowns and whimsical attitude during important contests have made him reviled as well as renowned throughout the world of soccer.

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Vox Gets Into Treble: The Slashie Awards

Back when No Doubt was still producing music and VH1 was culturally relevant, the television station co-hosted a fashion awards ceremony with Vogue that was forever commemorated in the 2001 movie Zoolander. From IMDB.com:

Inside, Fabio accepts the “Slashie” award for the “best actor ‘slash’ model and not the other way around.” When the Male Model of the Year is announced, Derek mishears the announcement and embarrasses himself by trotting up to accept Hansel’s award. In the audience, Mugatu tells Maury that Derek is just the idiot he’s looking for to resolve the Malaysian situation. Maury sadly agrees that Derek, now washed up, is “ready.”

This week, Vox is celebrating a whole new kind of Slashie award: actors who sing. There was one basic criterion that Vox used: namely, the song cannot have been made for the purpose of a movie—it needed to be a standalone song. Without further ado, here are the nominees for this week’s “Slashie” Awards, featuring the stars of everything from Hannah Montana to Degrassi to 2 Fast 2 Furious and, of course, the original “Knight Rider.”

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Twuesday Tweetacular: Bill Clinton wins the #tbt game


Well Ellie Yaeger, this would probably result in the immediate arrest of drunken freshmen from Darnall, incapable of walking back to campus from Prospect Street.

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Comments of the Week: Sad and seriousness news

Vox was saddened and upset by a lot of the news that happened last week. Andrea Jaime (NHS ’17) died from a bacterial meningitis infection on Tuesday, an unknown assailant assaulted a student out of homophobia last weekend, and Daniel Milzman (COL ’16) pleaded guilty in a D.C. court to possession of ricin.

Here is a Vox Pupuli of tiny, adorable corgis.

The corgis apparently helped Pup find a little bit of happiness in a week filled with bad news.

That Corgi is so fucking happy. That helps with all the terrible news that’s been happening this week.

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This Week in Halftime: Who knew Adams Morgan was so much fun

This week on the Voice‘s leisure and sports extravaganza known as Halftime, Erika Bullock found a paradise in this year’s Adams Morgan Day and spoke to the festival’s eccentric vendors and food stalls:

If Adams Morgan–or “AdMo” like the cool kids (read: me) call it–was a member of the DC family, it would be that crazy, hipster cousin who listens to bands with names like “The Ambiguous Lampshades” and tells you about the coolest hole-in-the-wall restaurants where you can find some of the best Jamaican jerk chicken DC has to offer. Adams Morgan would be cool with wearing mismatched socks with locally-produced leather sandals, and people would admire his personal flare and style as he sauntered, organic cotton satchel thrown casually over his shoulder, down the crowded city block.

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Just the Tip: Use protection, son

Dear Connor,


Dad Daddy

Dear Dad Daddy,

No. Assuming that you’re a Georgetown student, you shouldn’t try to become a father this early in your life. Just because you can do it doesn’t mean that you should do it. Let me tell you a little personal story that may get this message through to you.

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