Prefrosh Preview: Workin’ it out

Along with GPA jockeying, Netflix binges, and drinking until you can’t feel feelings, staying in shape is among the Georgetown student body’s top priorities.

In fact, according to Business Insider’s 2014 ranking of “25 Colleges Where Students Are Both Hot and Smart,” Georgetown snatched the number four spot, and we definitely didn’t earn that prestigious honor without some old-fashioned sweat and tears at the gym.

Yates Field House is the central hub of physical well-being on campus. Yates has many options for individual and group workouts including a variety of cardio and strength training equipment, an indoor track, a swimming pool, volleyball, racquetball, and basketball courts, personal training, group fitness, and spin classes.

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Twuesday Tweetacular: Escape from Cleveland

Georgetown Heckler is almost exactly correct with this one: Vox‘s roommate is the only other person who has gone back to the wastes of Cleveland.

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Comments of the Week: Cool comment, bro

Last week, Vox covered Georgetown sailing’s victory at the World Championships, the possibility of weed decriminalization’s being on the ballot this fall, and gave the Prefrosh a look at LGBTQ at Georgetown.

Bud is seriously jealous about all of the bud that will be legal in the nation’s capital.

If D.C. actually does legalize marijuana how is this even fair?! My state treats it like one of the most dangerous narcotics out there and yet the same place that makes all the rules and regulations for the country it will be totally legal???

Our founding fathers must be spinning in their graves after seeing what this country has done with this issue. Absolutely sad and ridiculous. At the very least it has been an eye opener for the rest of the nation on how politics and money are actually used against the citizens of this country.

It’s becoming like an endless loop, everyone knows it should be legalized and taxed but the government just won’t let it go… Over and over again, just sad.

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Prefrosh Preview: Georgetown bands

The past few years have been quite successful for a few of Georgetown’s student bands. While even the biggest are still independent bands and remain relatively unknown, even within the student body, they have a strong following among some people at Georgetown.

There’s a whole group of people at school that loves putting on and going to shows, and it’s pretty easy to break into once you get here. Just keep your eye out for notices about a student show, show up, and then talk to one of the performers at the inevitable after party and say you like bands like Pile, The Smiths, or Built to Spill. No, seriously, most of these people are so friendly and so into music that that’s all it takes to get to know them.

Anyway, last fall, Gianfranco Nuschese (COL ’14), from Dagos,and Tyler Pierce (COL ’15), from The Ripplescreated GU Jam Sesh to semi-formally unite the bands and organize some shows.

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Comments of the Week: Alcohol and conservative rants

Last week, Vox covered Congress’ bold move in trying to stop weed decriminalization in D.C., the Redskins losing their trademark because of racism, and Klink, the brand new alcohol delivery service that brings the booze right to your door.

why make this easier has a bold prediction of humanity’s inevitable future.

So now all we need is a marijuana delivery system and college students never have to walk again

But voxy does not roxy points out Klink’s biggest flaw(?).

But they don’t deliver Burnett’s… How are the freshmen supposed to get drunk??

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Comments of the Week: People actually look at our playlist

Since the last Comments of the Week, Vox talked with Father Kevin O’Brien S.J. about his trip to the top of Healy Hall, watched in terror as the Rent is Too Damn High guy sued the District Board of Elections, and taught the Prefrosh about truth, justice, and the American Way.

Fareed gave some helpful advice about the real state of alcohol laws in D.C. Basically, no one in the justice system actually cares. Now if only the same could be said of all the RAs.

I’m not a lawyer, but based on my reading of the D.C. code…

Underage drinking and fake ID possession has been quasi-decriminalized, so it’s definitely not worth it to lie if you’re picked up by MPD. You should be allowed to complete a diversion program, which is a class and some community service, in lieu of a misdemeanor conviction for a first and second offense (D.C. Code § 25-1002).

Also, upperclassmen shouldn’t be charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor, such as providing alcohol to underage folk, unless they’re more than 4 years older (D.C. Code § 22-811(a)).

In any case, you should generally be immune from prosecution for any offense if you call EMS to take care of someone that has had too much to drink or overdosed on drugs.

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Vox Gets Into Treble: Summertime madness

It’s summer outside.Unless you live in Longyearbyen, that means a few things: drinking beers, chilling out, and eating burgers. This playlist goes well with all of them—and it’s a little bit trancy, to enhance your buzz. Enjoy in moderation, buckos.

M.A.G.I.C. – The Sound of Arrows

College & Electric Youth – A Real Hero

I Blame Myself – Sky Ferreira

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Twuesday Tweetacular: In da Village A club

I’m sure he’d love to have you, Sheena PettyVox has three good friends in the SFS who are sleeping in the Capitol building every night for their congressional internships.

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Comments of the Week: Staying posi in the comments

Last week, Vox covered the D.C. Council’s new “yoga tax,” the homeless D.C. teen who earned a full-ride to Georgetown, and the Spanish King’s passing the torch to his son, a Georgetown grad.

Over on the Prefrosh Preview about the best off-campus eating spots, jj who eats children was critical of Vox’s lazy Flickr searching.

dis bad foto

voxy does not roxy reminded us all about the most iconic late-night Georgetown eatery: the dearly departed Tuscany Pizza Cafe.

I think we should all observe a moment of silence for Tuscany’s

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Prefrosh Preview: Life Beyond Leo’s, the freshman’s guide to off-campus dining


Attention serious city-foodies and hungry freshmen alike: Vox is well aware of the fact that your budget, like most college students, is rather tight. However, that does not mean that you must condemn yourself to a life of suffering from mediocre on-campus food. Vox knows her way around more than a few foodie havens. Here’s a guide to some of the best off-campus dining spots.

Once the enchantment and charm of Leo’s wears off, you will probably be looking elsewhere to satisfy your gastronomic needs. Fortunately for you, D.C. is one of the best cities for exploring food, whether it is for a well-deserved break during a stressful study session, for a weekend dinner splurge, or for some ravenous late-night snacking.

Although there are certainly hundreds of other places to find incredibly yummy food throughout the city, Vox has awarded a few of her favorite local establishments that she has frequented during her first year on the Hilltop for your reading (and eating) pleasure.

Cheapest breakfast sandwich: Booeymonger
Affectionately known as Booeys, this quaint little sandwich shop on Prospect street is only a few short blocks away from campus. For less than $5, you can buy a Henny Penny egg and bagel sandwich with a side of home fried potatoes (essentially half the price of each meal you pay at Leo’s). While it might not offer the most gourmet of cuisines, it is perfect for grabbing a late Saturday morning breakfast… or a few Friday night pitchers of beer.

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