Weekly Playlist: Audible Adderall

Whether you’re pumping up for Georgetown Day, pushing through those pre-finals week finals (What is that? What. Is. That.), or just forgot to take your prescription this morning like us, this playlist, aptly named “Audible Adderall” by 8tracks, will send you to the little round orange moon.


Vox particularly recommends “I Need” and “Another Love” because frankly, I Need to stop sleeping through 10am class and Another Love can’t write this History paper, the last one did a poor job. But really, get off Buzzfeed, put on headphones and stop going to Midnight for another cup of distraction coffee.

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Twuesday Tweetacular: So Bill Clinton Visited Georgetown or Something?

What?!?!? Vox had no idea that the mythical former President and possible First Husband graced us with his silver fox presence!! Just kidding, it inundated her newsfeed. Who is Bill? Let’s see what Twitter thinks.

That’s why you were here? We thought Georgetown was just your favorite spot for a 4/20 doobie!

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Vox’s Single of the Week: Annie Aleman

Yes, it’s back. As a continuation of Vox‘s Single of the Week, we sat down with GUSA Deputy Chief of Staff and wine connoisseur Annie Aleman (SFS ’16) to learn about her love life–and her search for a suitable Congressman.

Vox: Why are you single?

Annie: I don’t know…female empowerment. Or I want a little bit from a lot of different men. I like the slut life, it chose me.

Vox: What do you have to offer to a significant other?

Annie: GUSA power. Access to the inside. And a key to the RHO, I’m pretty into late night packages. I also have a ratchet rooftop. I will bring my good old fashioned feminine qualities and enchiladas to any relationship. And I know how to use a gun.

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Tuesday Tweetacular: Campagin Edition, Pt. 1

In honor of the recent announcements made by both Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio regarding their entrance into the presidential race, Vox decided to scour the web for the most amusing, campaign-related tweets. Please enjoy with a grain of salt, as Vox knows how seriously you Hoyas take this whole future president of America stuff.

Aaaaaand it begins.


National Building Museum gets an indoor beach

For as long as human civilization has existed, it has been plagued with the age-old question: how does one go to the beach without leaving the comfort of an air-conditioned building? Have no fear, for Vox has the answer: an indoor beach.

That’s right, Hoyas. This summer you can tan in comfort without all of that pesky sweating because the National Building Museum is on schedule to open a beach in its Great Hall this summer.

The BEACH, as the project is titled, will feature an “ocean” composed of nearly one million clear recyclable plastic balls to make the ultimate water/ball pit crossover experience.

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HoliDC: Spring-filled fun (and a prime photo op to boot)

Spring is here, and even though Vox has been sniffling and sneezing to no end due to DC’s endless supply of pollen that is funneled into her nostrils the second she steps foot out the door, she’s still pretty psyched.

Not only because of sundresses, pretty weather, and the fact that classes are coming to an end—but also because of all of the cool events going on in the District, one of which is HoliDC.

A celebration with origins in an ancient Hindu festival, HoliDC is an annual festival of colors sponsored by non-profit organization ISKCON of DC that takes place in Potomac, Maryland, about half an hour outside of the city.

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Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 8.24.14 PM

2018 MLB All Star Game will be at Nationals Park

There’s something about sitting at a baseball game that makes you feel extremely American: from the smell of the freshly cut grass, to singing the national anthem, to eating a hot dog while sipping a cold beer, there really is nothing quite like it.

From just about the most American sport out there, it would make a whole lot of sense to have the MLB All Star game in just about the most American place in the country, right? Well… it’s happening. The 2018 MLB All Star Game will, in fact, be taking place in Washington D.C.

The All Star Game has taken place in Washington D.C. four times before, but the last time this happened was 46 years ago in 1969.  The last time the American and National Leagues battled it out, they played in RFK Stadium, before National’s moved from Montreal to the Nation’s Capital (Vox finds it rather ironic that the team now called the “National’s” used to be Canadian).

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Vox Gets into Treble: Trap Queen

On this cold and rainy Wednesday morning, Vox can only summarize this playlist in the words of Mac B (extremely unknown rapper): “cause I feel like it”.

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Despite reduced funding, Filmfest DC is back in action for its 29th year

Perhaps surprisingly to some film enthusiasts and even to Vox herself, one of DC’s well known international film festivalsFilmfest DChas officially announced that it will be back to celebrate its 29th year. At this time last year, director Tony Gittens sadly announced a rather bleak future for the festival, resulting from a massive grant cut from the University of the District of Columbia, one of the festival’s major sponsors.

Yet miraculously, generous donations from individuals and a scramble for bits of funding have enabled the festival to return to DC to celebrate its 29th year, though significantly fewer theatres and films are included.

The festival runs from April 16 to April 26, showing over 70 international films (from over 30 countries) including documentaries, shorts, and features. A highlighted theme of the festival includes a look on The Lighter Side, examining the role of humor in a cultural context and reminding viewers of the international language of laughter. Among these titles are films such as “The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared,” a Swedish film about – well, Vox surmises that the title is kind of self-explanatory. And then there’s the Italian film, “I Can Quit Whenever I Want,” – which perhaps is a mindset you can relate to.

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Twuesday Tweetacular: Obama won’t protect you from bees

Welcome back to the Hilltop, fellow Hoyas. Vox hopes that you spent your break eating one a few too many chocolate eggs (oops?)—and then subsequently sleeping off the food coma. With spring in the air and school increasingly becoming an afterthought, here are some interesting things to consider from your friends on the Twitter-sphere to help you survive the last three weeks of classes:

Oh, cruel, cruel Starbucks gods…what a travesty. How dare you expose the average coffee-drinking plebeians to the bourgey goodness of my Apple Pie a la mode frappaccino!

Angie Goff, the Georgetown student body feels you. But at least now people can buy new jackets to replace all the ones they lost this past winter at Rhino.

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