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Serving Up: The Darlington House

Last weekend, Vox ventured out to dinner all the way to Dupont Circle (gasp!) to review The Darlington House. A mere one-minute walk from the north Dupont metro stop or the GUTS bus stop, the trek over is as easy as it sounds.

A cheery hostess greeted us, it wasn’t very busy, and we were seated right away in a comfy booth near the window. Though we were there a week after restaurant week, they still had their restaurant week special: an appetizer, entrée, and desert for $35 per person.

My friend had a $50 gift card for the restaurant, so we had no qualms about treating ourselves. (Had we not had the $50 gift card, we still probably wouldn’t have had any problems with treating ourselves.) Here is the breakdown of the Italian restaurant we treated our taste buds to:

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Vox Gets into Treble: One third of the way through part duex

There’s a cause for celebration. Vox often listens to rap when she feels like it. Now is one of those times.

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Vox’s Single of the Week: Kieran Mclean


As a continuation of Voxs Single of the Week, we sat down with freshman Kieran Mclean to interview him about love, life, and the trials and tribulations of freshman year.

Name: Kieran Mclean

Origin: “A small town on the Delaware River named Yardley, Pennsylvania. 98.7 percent white; commonly referred to as ‘America’s Least Diverse Town.'”

Vox: So, were you excited to be chosen as Vox’s Single of the Week?

Kieran: Does Chris Christie rule New Jersey with an iron fist?

Vox: Touché. What are you involved in at Georgetown? 

Kieran: Well, I got rejected from The Heckler so take that, Joe Luther.

Vox: Any favorite classes?

Kieran: I’m a potential Art History major, so look out ladies! Super-employable. I’m also an English major, so I’m real sensitive and shit. My New Year’s resolution was to talk more about my feelings and listen to yours, too.

Vox: And how’s that going for you in the dating world?

Kieran: People here don’t really want to talk about their feelings. All these women want me exclusively for my body and I keep on trying to tell them, “Ladies, there’s a beating heart beneath this sculpted chest. There’s a working brain behind these piercing eyes.”

Vox: Of course, of course. So what’s your idea of a perfect date?

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Twuesday Tweetacular: Super Bowl shenanigans

Actually, if Vox isn’t mistaken, Hoyas were up to something on Sunday night. Not just waiting around for the next Georgetown basketball game, but sitting around in the Heal Fam watching rather large men fight it out for a win, aka, the Super Bowl.

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Talks with Vox: Father O’Brien

This week has been all about the Jesuits.

From Jesuit Trivia Night, to Jesuit story telling…even to the opportunity to spike a Jesuit with a volleyball, this Jesuit Heritage Week encourages students to get their Cura Personalis on.

Although Vox was disappointed that she couldn’t get an interview with John Carroll, Talks with Vox will be featuring another campus celebrity and Jesuit legend, Father Kevin O’Brien.

VOX: What do you think is the importance of Jesuit heritage week?

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Sweetgreen’s Newest Salad: The Detox

How did your most recent juice cleanse go? Did you survive past day two or were you weakened at the sight of a Chicken Madness sandwich at Wisey’s after consuming nothing but ginger and lemon juice?

If you are in the unfortunate category of people who are looking for a new way to detox your body, the answer might be only a few blocks away from campus, namely at M and Bank St Northwest.

Sweetgreen recently added a new winter salad to their menu named the “Detox Salad.”

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Twuesday Tweetacular: The anxiety of Georgetown basketball games

They say that every cigarette you smoke takes seven minutes off your life. Well as Georgetown Heckler points out, the same thing happens after every basketball game Vox watches.

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Serving Up: Teddy and the Bully Bar Restaurant Review

As we all know, Hoyas love their politics and their presidents. And as Vox‘s personal favorite president is none other than Theodore Roosevelt, she just had to try the restaurant Teddy & The Bully Bar, located right in Dupont Circle.

Walking in, you are in TR heaven (if you are a huge Taft person and anti-Teddy, this would not be your scene). The walls are plastered with countless paintings with TR’s thousand watt smile. There is even a wall lined with hundreds of small carvings of Mount Rushmore.

Vox had made a reservation thinking it would be tough to get a table, but she was surprised that the place was relatively empty for a Friday evening. However, the later it became, the more people flocked into the restaurant (especially the Bully Bar).

The prices on the menu made Vox appreciate that she decided to go the weekend her parents were in town. Aka… it would definitely constitute as a restaurant to “splurge” on.

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Twuesday Tweetacular: Joshua Smith clearly ate his Wheaties

Little does Andrew Kirnan know, Josh Smith’s cereal of choice is actually Wheaties. And the number was 10.

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D.C. music and activism: unbreakable bond with upcoming shows

Within the next month, four shows will be played to help raise awareness about social and political issues—some of which, the DCist claims, the country may be fed up with hearing about.

With D.C.’s history in the music world, a documentary has been released, along with several others, portraying what DCist called a very “punk” tone. The documentary, called More Than a Witness features a series of interviews focused on activism in the D.C. music community, or as the Positive Force page puts it, “30 years of punk politics in action”.

(1) The first of four upcoming shows is this Saturday, Jan. 17 to benefit Net Neutrality—in the fight for free internet. The show is located in Columbia Heights at St. Stephen’s church. Attendees will be asked to pay a small fee between five and fifteen dollars at the door.

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