Photos: President Obama’s speech on climate change

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The Week in Photos: May flowers and Saxapalooza

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Photos: Joshua Raftis (slides 1-7), Julia Tanaka (slides 8-19)

Vox Pupuli: Golden retriever puppy spotted fleeing Lau


As finals loom on the horizon, the atmosphere in and around Lau is getting increasingly oppressiveThat’s probably why Stella, this golden retriever puppy that Vox came across at the bottom of Lau steps this afternoon, couldn’t get away fast enough.

The Day in Photos: Georgetown Day 2013

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Photos: Julia Tanaka/Georgetown Voice

Snaps for Snapshots: Voice photo contest winners

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This Week in the Voice: Photo Contest 2013

This Week in the Voice 4.25.13This issue of the the Voice features the eight 2013 photo contest winners. The winner is “Musical solidarity with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers”, by Sarah G. Vázquez (COL ’13).

News covers the student guard laptop ban and some of the guards’ reactions to the prohibition.

Leisure reviews GU Hispanic Theater’s performance of two one-act Cervantes plays, El retablo de las maravillas and La cueva de Salamanca, and reflects on their dark humor.

In Sports, Steven Criss weighs the pros and cons of Georgetown’s move to a new varsity athletics conference, the American Athletic Conference, following the breakup of the Big East.

The Voices section features Christian Lambert reflecting on GU Pride’s annual Genderfunk event and finds that it doesn’t help transgender inclusivity in Georgetown’s gay community.

The Ed Board calls for more acceptance of Georgetown Day realities on the part of the administration.

Vox Pupuli: Stay gold, Ponyboy

Bentley and Sky


Golden Retrievers Bentley and Sky were out for a walk near Georgetown when Izzy, Assistant Vox Editor, came upon them. They posed very nicely for her, and then went on to wrestle each other.

Last Call: Voice photo contest

2012 winnerLast year’s winner of the contest, by Tiffany Kaul (SFS ’13)

Hi Voxers,

Vox just wanted to remind you that today is the last day to submit pictures to the Voice Photo Contest. The top eight photos will be featured in the print edition of the Voice, with the best on the front cover. The competition is open to all Georgetown University students. Photos cannot be modified, although they can be cropped. Both color and black-and-white photos are allowed.

It’s a great opportunity to showcase your work, so make sure you get your submission in before 11:59 p.m. tonight!

Send your photos to, and be sure to check out the Facebook page for more details.

Vox Pupuli: the Twilight edition

Hai there!

Vox encountered Bella out on a stroll on the Leavey Bridge this afternoon. The Pomeranian was more interested in food than the camera, but I managed to snap her en route to my bag of bagels.

The Week in Photos: Huntsman (and spring) arrives at Georgetown

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Photos: Joshua Raftis (slides 1-6), Julia Tanaka (slides 7-13), courtesy club baseball (slides 14-18), Miles Gavin Meng (slides 19-23)