Georgetown to add Hindu chaplaincy this fall

This fall, Georgetown will add to its extensive on-campus chaplain community, the largest in the entire country, with its first ever Hindu chaplain. Pratima Dharm, a Hindu chaplain currently serving in the U.S. Army, will arrive on campus on October 1.

Vice President for Mission and Ministry Kevin O’Brien, S.J., announced Dharm’s decision to come to campus via email yesterday. O’Brien connected Dharm’s chaplaincy to Georgetown’s long tradition of diverse chaplains, dating back to the Catholic Church’s Second Vatican Council in the 60s. Georgetown was the first Catholic university to have a rabbi and an imam serve as full-time chaplains.

According to O’Brien, Dharm is the first female chaplain of Indian descent and the first Hindu chaplain in the U.S. Army.

“Over the years, she earned the esteem of her colleagues and, among other accolades, was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for organizing and leading numerous humanitarian aid missions for the Kurdish people in Iraq,” O’Brien wrote. “Before joining the army, Chaplain Dharm served as a teacher, counselor, and social worker in a variety of settings.”

Dharm will retire from military service this fall and starts at Georgetown on October 1.

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Student Center enters final phase of construction before September 5 opening

Good news Hoyas, construction of the Healy Family Student Center is on target for its September 5 grand opening. The planned pub, however, is only in initial construction phases and is projected for completion by October 31. and Hilltoss, the Corp’s new salad and smoothie bar is slated for November 1.

Vox had the pleasure of seeing the inside of the Center earlier this week. The interior is almost done, with much of the remaining work involving spackling, installing electrical fixtures, and painting.

By August 18, the University is going to have a use and occupancy permit.

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Med school Peer-to-Peer Tutoring starts Georgetown-wide reply-all idiocy

Last Friday, in emails sent to the entire Georgetown University community, over 25 Georgetown students and alumni confirmed what everyone already knows: reply-all is a nightmare and an embarrassment. Only this time, the replies went out to the entire student body and much of the alumni network.

The anarchy began at 4:29 p.m., when Georgetown Medical School Peer-to-Peer coordinators Haley BuntingEmily Kivlehan, and Tyler Kingdon emailed third-year medical students about tutoring for second and first-year med students.

Vox isn’t quite sure how this happened, but the simple sign-up email ended up getting into the mailbox of (apparently) everyone with a Georgetown email. Everyone from current students to alumni to administrators seems to have gotten a copy of the original email.

Over the next couple hours, anyone who replied to the message also ended up sending an email to the whole school, and there were some hilariously confused responses.

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Prefrosh Preview: Georgetown traditions

In a couple of weeks when you and the rest of the Prefrosh move onto campus, you’ll find that becoming a Hoya is much more than just receiving your Convocation robes and participating in the endless New Student Orientation activities. There are certain antics that make being a Hoya timeless. Whether it’s a large celebration or a subtle unwritten rule, here is a guide to the many Georgetown traditions that link Hoyas together throughout the generations.


This is the one day of the year that Georgetown students somewhat care about the football team. It is also the one day of the year that alumni come back to campus and get even drunker than the students do. There’s an annual tailgate followed by football and soccer games where alumni and students share their love of drunkenness and Hoya pride. Free food, performances by different student groups, and of course a large inflatable Jack the Bulldog on the lawn round out the festivities.

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Prefrosh Preview: Breaking the Georgetown Bubble

Georgetown students have certainly earned their reputation as the most prestigious and preppiest in the city. Unfortunately, we are also known for being the least city-savvy. (Vox has even overheard Georgetown seniors confess that after three years in DC, they still do not understand the metro or how else they can get around the wonderful District.

Although Georgetown students are certainly lucky enough to attend a school that is constantly buzzing with excitement, it is all too easy to get sucked into life on the Hilltop and forget that America’s coolest city lies right outside the Healy Gates.

Vox understands that as a freshman, you will certainly have your hands full. Attempting to balance the new college life of studying, socializing, and (occasionally) sleeping is no easy feat. That is why she has compiled a nifty list of ways to take advantage of this amazing cultural hub over your four years at Georgetown.

Navigate public transportation

As picturesque and peaceful as the Georgetown neighborhood is away from the hustle and bustle of downtown DC, the fact that it lacks its own metro stop is a big deterrent for traveling into the city. The good news? There are a myriad of ways to get around using public transportation. During the school year, Georgetown University Transportation Service (GUTS) has buses, which are free for students, that consistently run to both the Dupont Circle and Rosslyn metro stops. If you prefer wheels over rails, the Metrobus and Circulator have routes all throughout the city—and both have fares under $2. Also, be sure to download Uber, which is by far the fastest—and hassle-free—way of getting around the city, if you’re willing to spend some more money for the ride.

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Georgetown ranks 28 in Forbes Top Colleges 2014

In this brave new world of arbitrary lists that attempt to give a number to the best academic institutions in the country, Forbes released it’s seventh Annual Colleges Ranking last week. Georgetown comes in at number 28, tucked between the Naval Academy and Wellesley College.

Forbes claims to use the best formula of ranking the top institutions and this year, the website attempts to expose the “ongoing debate between the value of small student-centric, liberal arts colleges vs. large brainy research-oriented universities closely associated with science, technology, engineering and math.”

Any students who used the ever-acclaimed RateMyProfessors for pre-registration or to rate a professor helped Forbes with its rankings. The website has paired up with The Center for College Affordability and Productivity (CCAP), which measures each institution based on post-graduate success, graduation rate, academic success, and student satisfaction (i.e. finding what schools are the most likely to bash their professors online).

While Vox thinks that ranking based even partly on reviews like these is a little sketchy, she does, however, think that Business Insider’s April ranking of the Top 25 Colleges Where the Students are both Hot and Smart does do the Hoyas justice.


Georgetown construction update: All roads lead to Do Not Enter

Vice President for Planning and Facilities Management Robin Morey, in an email to the Georgetown University community, laid out some major planning changes taking place on campus next month. To accommodate Georgetown’s various construction projects, several major roads and pedestrian pathways on campus will be rerouted or inaccessible at some point.

According to Morey, “as the fall semester begins,” Georgetown will finish construction on the Healey Family Student Center in New South, continue renovation on Ryan and Mulledy Halls, and add capacity to the Utility Plant. Additionally, Georgetown will finally start construction on the Northeast Triangle Dorm and the new athletic center.

There’s so many construction projects it could make your head spin. Morey included a link to download a map of all the construction.

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Twuesday Tweetacular: Jim Gaffigan to toss first salad at Hilltoss?

Hayden Freedman (COL ’15), director of creative marketing for the Corp’s newest store, makes a bold request of Jim Gaffigan (MSB ’88), the world’s single greatest foodie and slob. Who knows, he may accept the offer. Just don’t let him know that you actually named the new store The Hilltoss.

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Prefrosh Preview: Buying your textbooks

As a college student, you’ll easily find yourself cash-strapped in pretty much every living moment. One way to try and preserve the dwindling balance in your checking account is to consider how you’re getting the textbooks you need for each class. Vox is here to explain some of your best, cheapest options.

Buying from the Georgetown University Bookstore

With long lines, unbelievable prices, and a dismal book buyback scheme, the Leavey Center bookstore is the place where the textbook industry exacts the highway robbery on you and your wallet in fluorescent, air-conditioned comfort.

Use the bookstore only to look up what textbooks you need for each class. The University provides this information under the Student Schedule section of MyAccess in compliance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act. If the textbook lists aren’t available yet, see if there’s a syllabus posted on Blackboard or the University Registrar’s website. You could also email your professor politely asking for a list of books needed.

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Comments of the Week: The School of Nursing and House of Cards

Last week Vox covered the Ebola outbreak’s impact on Georgetown’s programs in West Africa and an event featuring the President of Liberia and informed the prefrosh about CAPS and the arts at Georgetown.

James Madison jumped in on Vox‘s article about D.C.’s 90 remaining days of illegal handguns.

“The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. A well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the best and most natural defense of a free country.”
– James Madison

Right, I’m sure that letting any regular dude who can sign some paperwork own this thing was exactly what he had in mind when he wrote that.

While John Oliver claimed that Aramark’s prison food contained some maggots, DINOJACK‘s friend found a different sort of furry friend in her Leo’s food.

My friend literally found a steamed caterpillar in her broccoli at Leo’s.

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