Just the Tip: Nothing to hide, nothing to show

Hai Connor,

I’m in a terrible spot with Facilities and I want to scream. I put in a work request to have them fix the hinge on my closet door a month ago, and they only came to fix it today. What’s worse is “fixing” the closet door for them involved just taking it out of my room. So now I’m down a closet door and Facilities thinks this work request is “completed.” Do you know a good way to get them to do what I want, preferably within a month?
Doorless in the Quad

Hey Doorless in the Quad,

Why would you need a closet door if you have nothing to hide? To be honest, this question seems more like an admission of guilt than a request for help. What are you up to, Doorless in the Quad, huh? You know what? You’re a monster. You’re a monster and Facilities is one big bureaucratic HERO for taking away your door and making your wretched life a bit more transparent. Do I know a good way to get them to do what you want? I’m not giving you any advice until you turn yourself in for whatever terrible crime you’re trying to conceal. Disgusting.

Shame on you,

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Comments of the Week: GU Pride is a thing, dude

Last week on Vox, a flyer at the Leavey Center’s new temporary entrance protested accessibility issues, the D.C. government announced plans to close a major homeless shelter, Blue and Gray changed their campus tour routes around campus construction, and a rabbi at a synagogue at Georgetown was arrested for voyeurism.

Meanwhile, Catholic University seems to have read the Voice‘s editorial and decided to reverse its decision on a cancelled Milk screening. A self-purported fact checker—we have a lot of those around Vox—tried to deny the hard-earned existence of GU Pride. Hey, maybe people already forgot that it’s still OUTober. Here’s the somewhat alarming (confused?) comment from What, which attempted to establish a link between abortion and LGBTQ students.

You say “Does not even have an official LGBTQ student group” as if Georgetown supports the one here (or H*yas for Choice).

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Georgetown rabbi’s alleged voyeurism is extensive, police say

Georgetown rabbi Barry Freundel allegedly filmed not only six naked women in his synagogue’s ritual shower area but many more in over a hundred different videos.

Freundel was charged with six counts of misdemeanor voyeurism after a woman caught him rigging a clock radio with a hidden camera in the showers of the Kesher Israel synagogue in Georgetown. Freundel pleaded not guilty last Wednesday.

After initially seizing evidence of the hidden camera in the shower, police now say they have found over a hundred deleted files, often labelled with first names, of “numerous” women in Freundel’s home.

Police believe Freundel has been doing this with multiple devices and for a long period of time.

Freundel’s next hearing is on Nov. 12.

Photo: Mola Lenghi via Twitter


Flyer in Leavey stairwell protests inaccessibility

An anonymous person posted a snarky and pointed flyer in the Leavey Center stairwell today which points out that the building’s new entrance is not wheelchair accessible.

“This area is difficult to traverse for some of your friends and fellow Hoyas,” the flyer reads.

Construction workers hastily converted the maintenance entrance and stairwell, located on the street level underneath Vital Vittles, into a new entrance after the closure of the Leavey Bridge.

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Catholic University approves Milk screening after coming to its senses

milkEarlier this month Catholic University cancelled a screening of Milk, the biopic about California’s first openly gay person elected to public office, over concerns of LGBTQ advocacy. The administration has changed its mind now, however, and the screening is approved.

Catholic University, which does not even have an official LGBTQ student group, explicitly forbids any events which advocate positions contrary to Catholic Church teaching. When the College Democrats of Catholic U posted flyers for the film screening which said “Kick Off LGBT Awareness Month!” and had rainbow flags, administrators cancelled the event.

Catholic U’s administrators justified the cancellation by saying that the nature of the event may have changed from one of education to one of advocacy. Student backlash pushed Catholic U to rethink that evaluation, and a meeting between the College Democrats and the administration helped clarify that the event is literally a film screening about a famous, gay man.

“Following a discussion and review of the program’s educational intent, the Director of Campus Activities approved the rescheduling of the event,” a spokesman wrote in a statement. “The College Democrats indicated that they will attempt to reschedule the program so that it takes place within the next month, hopefully by the end of October.”

Photo: IMDB

Free Friday: Join an interactive, improvised performance at the Kennedy Center

Editor’s note: Free Friday is Vox‘s newest serial, showcasing a free, weekend event in D.C. each Friday as a way to break the bubble without breaking the bank.

Where are you from? Where are you now? Where is home? How do you leave? What is home? This Saturday, ponder these fundamental questions of life at a dance party like no other.

On Saturday, The Playground dance company will present an eight-hour, travelling performance, Acts of Arriving. Led by the dance company’s artistic director, Daniel Burkholder, actors will traverse the D.C. metropolitan area to examine the meaning of communities through personal narrative, genealogy, and larger immigration and migration trends.

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d.c. general

District releases plan to close D.C. General homeless shelter

City officials have announced their plan to close the D.C. General homeless family shelter “at the earliest possible time” and replace it with smaller, community-based shelters. It is estimated that this closure will take place during the 2015-2016 winter.

The plan, which was a collaboration between the D.C. Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services B.B. Otero and the D.C. Department of General Services and Department of Human Services, was presented to the public on Tuesday.

D.C. General, once a public hospital, was converted for use as an emergency homeless shelter in 2001. The aging, 288-unit facility has been subject to much criticism in recent years as an “isolating” housing option with questionable living conditions for the families that seek temporary refuge there.

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Georgetown rabbi allegedly filmed six naked women in synagogue showers

More details have emerged surrounding the arrest of Barry Freundel for voyeurism. Freundel, the rabbi at the Georgetown synagogue Kesher Israel, allegedly filmed at least six naked or partially naked women with a hidden camera in the synagogue’s ritual shower area.

Freundel’s alleged spying was reported to the police when a woman allegedly saw him setting up recording equipment on a clock radio in the shower area, according to Washington City Paper.

After obtaining a warrant and searching Fredundel’s home a few blocks away from the synagogue, police say they recovered video footage of Freundel installing the camera to look into the showers, instructions for using the camera, and backed-up footage from surveillance equipment.

Photo: Mola Lenghi via Twitter

This Week in the Voice: The lingering ghost of the Campus Plan

feature3In this week’s feature, Assistant News Editor Shalina Chatlani explores the impact of the 2010 Campus Plan on student life, as well as the influence of the Georgetown community’s interests on the plan.

Throughout the discussion on the development of Georgetown’s campus, the general community’s interests have been prioritized above those of the students. With the July 2018 deadline just around the corner, the question of Georgetown’s status among other schools and the role of the neighborhood in the future of the University’s plans, given the reality of construction’s impact on the budget and student life, seriously needs to be addressed.

News covers the candidates who are running to be student representatives in the Advisory Neighborhood Commission.

Leisure reviews the Mask and Bauble Society’s first show of the season, Inherit the Wind, which would kick off the student group’s 163rd season.

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D.C. cabs to install ‘panic buttons’ next year

The D.C. Cab Commission is slowly starting to give a damn about how terrible cabs are in this town. Uber has wrought an apocalypse down on the market. The latest step in the modernization of the District’s cabs is the Cab Commission’s commitment to install panic buttons in cabs by June, 2015.

The promise came after police reported the rape of a female passenger by a cabbie. It’s now become clear, however, that the alleged sexual assault did not involve a D.C. cab.

The only good news to come from that incident is that cabs will hopefully become that much safer by the start of next summer. The proposed panic buttons will help protect both cab drivers and their passengers from danger.

Photo: star5112 via Flickr