Rules of enfranchisement

If you weren’t planning on voting because you don’t give a shit about GUSA, now you have a reason to: You can learn about other countries’ electoral systems. GUSA is now using an instant runoff system – also known as the Alternative Vote – used most famously in Australia and Ireland. What kind of Georgetown student doesn’t get all excited over that?
Well, it excites me.
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Copley Flooding Causes Resident Exodus

It started small—just a noise, like rain in the heating ducts. Then it turned into a leak, then a cascade. Dubbed “Copley Flood ’07” by John Tincoff (SFS ’09), the abundance of water that burst into the fifth floor of Copley and poured through a light fixture and the elevator shaft down to the fourth floor created shock, confusion and a few displaced residents.

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It’s not just you

It was cold today. Really cold. I’m not just saying that—it’s a fact. Well, it was published in the Washington Post, anyway. The floppy-haired weatherman on Channel 5 even said records might be set tonight. The historic low was in 1895, at one degree above freezing.

So, if you’re considering skipping class because that walk to the ICC sounds like too much punishment, don’t worry. It’s going to warm up tomorrow, to a high of, um … 28. The mercury may not drop to zero, but trust me, no one should make fun of you for wearing long johns.

Posted by Austin Richardson, Blog Editor

This Week’s Magazine

Once again we gather to celebrate the colorful pageant of Georgetown life. Here’s what’s new:
– What kind of college student wants to be a Priest? Noreen Malone meets Hoyas who think they’ve found their vocation in this week’s cover story.
– The Voice Editorial board endorses Jake Styacich (COL ’09) and his running mate, John Dougherty (SFS ’09), for President and Vice President of the Student Association.
– Intrepid reporter Kate Mays delves into the GUSA race, discovering just how serious, ridiculous and pants-less these candidates can be.
– What’s it like to call Hoya’s B-Ball for thirty plus years? Clare Malone profiles Georgetown institution and all-around-good-guy Father William McFadden.
– Lauren Gaskill takes the Voice from trashy to classy with an insightful review of the new Jasper Johns exhibit at the National Gallery of Art.
– In the Voices section, I wrote about the importance of recently-passed Father Robert F. Drinan’s legacy. But I’m not just self-promoting. These pieces are good, too.

Thanks for reading! Remember, we’re available for criticism, questions, and, yes, even compliments at

— Tim Fernholz, Managing Editor

People of the Year?

It’s election season again at Georgetown, which means in a few weeks and after numerous appeals Martha Swanson will have handpicked a successor to Twister. Nevertheless, students will still be granted the privilege of participating in mock elections, and it appears this year’s ultimately meaningless battle for hearts and minds will be fought on YouTube. Here’s a breakdown of the videos: Read More

Cameras at Grab ‘n’ Go: Probably not going to happen

Excuse the tiresome meme, but a Leo’s employee whose name starts with an “R” and ends with an “mberto” was recently overheard arguing with a less sweater-loving cashier about security cameras in Leo’s. The latter was passionately supporting installing security cameras in the Grab ‘n’ Go nook, the better to “catch them.” The former employee, presumably realizing that pre-made sandwiches are a right, not a privilege, was less enthusiastic.

This isn’t as worrying as a keg ban or actual spooky cameras, mainly because it would only make stuffing cookies in a jacket pocket that slightly harder. It does, however, bring up a question: why are Leo’s cashiers so intense about Grab ‘n’ pilfering? The penalty when you’re caught is always just fidgeting and acting confused, but it’s a penalty they zealously impose.

Posted by Will Sommer

Fenty provides a steamy hotline for D.C. fans

A Fenty official bragged recently at the Advisory Neighborhood Commission about the mayor’s new city call number, 202-727-1000. It’s unclear why this is better than DC’s standard 311 call system, but one thing is sure—calling the number is one of the best ways to help Washington short of giving up your Congressional representation. Read More

$12 on Village A for the Win

Georgetown, no longer content with the traditional housing lottery, has decided to kick things up a notch this year with a real lottery. For just two dollars, students can buy a raffle ticket that gives them a chance to win some quality housing like a Henle apartment, a Village A apartment and an LXR single. Each student is limited to six tickets, so a group of five potential roommates could potentially drop $60—not an insignificant sum.

This raffle, however, is not just another petty fund raising opportunity. Rather, it makes an already screwed-up housing selection process even more unfair. Georgetown should stay as close to a simple housing lottery as possible and avoid exploiting the freshman lust for a sweet party pad. Worse, the proceeds are benefiting Interhall, a student organization. Why, then, can’t the Voice raffle off some choice housing too?

Posted by Sam Sweeney, Voices Editor

Seriously, I’ve got enough liberal guilt as it is

If you’ve walked through Red Square or the Leavey Center lobby lately, you’ve probably noticed the SSTOP (Students Stopping Trafficking of People) banners that boldly proclaim “Buy brownies, not people.” Now, I’m obviously not advocating human trafficking, but despite its good intentions, this slogan really bugs me. Cashless and on my way to Leo’s, I didn’t buy a brownie, but I’m not about to sell my roommate into sex slavery, either. If we want to stop the trafficking, we’ve got to stop the guilt-tripping first.

Posted by Anna Bank, News Editor


(An Occasional Ruben Review)

The Tombs
1226 36th St., NW

The Tombs Ruben, appearing at first glance to be a promising subject, rather disappoints. While the bread is initially buttery and crisp, the bottom slice soon becomes a soggy mess. A dependency on an (excellent) corned beef overwhelms the lacking sauerkraut, creating a poor ratio of meat to kraut. Not enough French dressing.
7.0 out of 10 Delicious Points

Posted by Tim Fernholz, Managing Editor