Georgetown celebrates 225 years since founding

Georgetown bday

Today marks Georgetown’s 225 “birthday,” since University founder John Carroll, S.J. received the deed for the school’s first acres on Jan. 23, 1789. Vox thinks the University looks just as good now, at 225 years young, as she did when she was founded. To mark the all these years years of rad fun on the Hilltop, the University […]

The Tombs is serving you secondhand meat, WCP reports

In middle school, we all learned about the Native American custom of not wasting a single part of a slain animal. Apparently, 1789′s relatively new executive chef Anthony Lombardo subscribes to that same idea, and is sticking parts of the animal not classy enough for 1789 into your Tombs menu. According to an article posted yesterday […]

1789 chef nominated as “People’s Best New Chef of 2011″

As part of an annual contest put on by Food & Wine magazine, Chef Daniel Giusti of 1789 Restaurant was nominated last week as a candidate for the title of The People’s Best New Chef of 2011. Put on every spring for more than 20 years, the competition honors “exceptionally talented men and women who […]

Fire outside of 1789 bakery shuts down 36th Street

Get the flash player here: This afternoon at approximately 2:45 p.m., the D.C. Fire Department responded to a fire on the exterior of the 1789 bakery on 36th Street.