Burleith against the 2010 Campus Plan, Part 2: The monetary campaign

In this month’s Burleith Bell, the Burleith Citizens’ Association issued a call to action against Georgetown’s 2010 Campus Plan. Vox commenters agreed that the editorial, written by a group of residents the BCA assembled to research and respond… Read More

The Burleith Bell rallies our neighbors to the north against the 2010 Campus Plan: Part I

In the fight surrounding Georgetown University’s slowly but surely developing 2010 Campus Plan, there’s been nothing quiet about the Western front. By which I mean, the residents of West Georgetown have made it absolutely clear—through an open letter… Read More

Georgetown announces community meeting for final draft of 2010 Campus Plan

Well, it wasn’t the late January or early February date they had hoped for. But the 2010 Campus Plan steering committee has announced the last community meeting it will hold regarding the 2010 Campus Plan before it files… Read More

Jennifer Altemus bashes virulent Vox comments in the Current

I hope you’re happy, students of Georgetown. Because remember that string of posts we ran a while back, about how the Citizens Association of Georgetown, led by President Jennifer Altemus (COL ’88), was raising funds to defeat portions… Read More

Where’s the 2010 Campus Plan?

The neighbors are mobilizing against it—they’ve even organized a monetary campaign to defeat it—but where is the 2010 Campus Plan, exactly? Well, although administrators said throughout the November draft presentation process that they were aiming to submit a… Read More

Georgetown University’s Hospital could expand under the 2010 Campus Plan

A while back, a Vox Populi post saw a rash of upset comments about the Georgetown University Hospital’s role in the 2010 Campus Plan. Specifically, a Vox reader noticed that in the open letter Citizens’ Association of Georgetown… Read More

CAG president announces “Save Our Neighborhood” campaign against Georgetown’s 2010 Campus Plan

We’ve been speculating about whether or not the 2010 Campus Plan would be hampered by the kind of neighborhood opposition that beset the 2000 Campus Plan. We can stop wondering now. Georgetown alum and CAG President Jennifer Altemus… Read More

On the record with John DeGioia: A full transcript of his student press meeting

On Friday afternoon, Georgetown University President John DeGioia sat down with student reporters from the Voice and The Hoya to answer a range of questions about Georgetown, including the Ten Year Plan, the goals of the school’s $1.5… Read More

Neighbors brainstorm some interesting locations for the Georgetown Hospital

Wingardium leviosa! The impending scuffle over the 2010 Campus Plan has the residents of Georgetown chatting about how to keep the University from creeping into their neighborhood. Last week, local leader Jennifer Altemus (COL ’88) announced over the… Read More

CAG President’s letter to DeGioia about the 2010 Campus Plan

If you don’t recall how neighborhood residents of Georgetown reacted when administrators presented the 2010 Campus Plan back in November, let me remind you of the words of Advisory Neighborhood Commission Chair Ron Lewis when he heard that… Read More