Wireless and double-sided printing are coming to Lauinger Library

Print from the comfort of those cozy-looking chairs! Shifting impatiently from one foot to another while the person in front of you uses the wrong Lau 3 printer to print a PDF may soon be a thing of… Read More

2010 Campus Plan proposes housing for grad students

When University officials spoke to neighbors in May and raised the possibility of building a new housing complex on the “1789 Block” (the area between Prospect and N Streets and 36th and 37th Streets), neighbors said they didn’t… Read More

University posts 2010 Campus plan presentation, CAG expresses objections

While University officials have been floating plans about student life and transportation over the past couple weeks, this week is the big unveiling of the full first draft of the plan.  The University will be holding three meetings… Read More

2010 Campus Plan: Transportation plans would send Dupont GUTS through Canal Road

The proposed loop road and new GUTS routes The last time University officials discussed the transportation aspect of the 2010 Campus Plan back in May, they said they were tentatively planning to send the Dupont GUTS bus through… Read More

Burleith Citizens’ Association sounds the 2010 Campus Plan rallying cry

University administrators held the first of five November meetings with neighbors about their new draft of the 2010 Campus Plan last week. There seemed to be a fair amount for neighbors to be excited about at the meeting… Read More

GUSA Roundup: The Senate is anti-hate crime, anti-snake

GUSA will not stand for these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane campus GUSA FUND: The big news from this week’s meeting was that the Senate passed the long-debated GUSA Fund, which will allow them to fund clubs… Read More

Recap of last night’s Ten Year Plan meeting on housing, enrollment, and off-campus life

GU’s Charles DeSantis On Tuesday night, University officials revealed their tentative plans for the future of enrollment, student housing, and off-campus life at Georgetown to an audience of about forty West Georgetown and Burleith residents. It was the… Read More

ANC Wrapup: Stalled University construction, Philly Pizza, and a crime wave

What a wild night at the Advisory Neighborhood Commission, with neighbors turning out for proposals about developing Georgetown’s post office (above) into apartments and shoring up the foundations on O and P Streets. First, though, University business. Science… Read More

Burleith Citizens’ Association talks 61-Ds, GU policy, landlords and more

Last Thursday, the Burleith Citizens’ Association held its annual meeting.  Yes, annual. “One per year? I love it!” exclaimed guest of honor Mayor Adrian Fenty (D). “That’s unprecedented, at least in D.C.” With only one meeting per year,… Read More

University releases schedule for Ten Year Plan community meetings

On May 30, the University held a lengthy meeting in the Duke Ellington School of the Arts Cafeteria to discuss the Ten Year Plan with neighborhood residents who wanted input. The meeting took place in the options phase… Read More