What you’ve all been waiting for: The GUSA election Blingee contest is here!

Voting for the 2014 GUSA executive election starts tomorrow at midnight, so readers know what that means: Vox needs a Blingee to announce the winner. Below are photos of each ticket, save it to your desktop, and upload it to the… Read More

Vote in Vox’s GUSA election straw poll!

As the GUSA election begins to wrap up, Vox would like to get an idea of who is leading the race. Now that the vice presidential and presidential debates have both wrapped up in addition to a majority of the… Read More

Thomas-Jimmy Banner

Fact Checkers: Thomas and Jimmy’s platform is small but pretty darn specific

As Georgetown weathers the throes of the GUSA Presidential campaign season, Vox brings you a new series—Fact Checkers—to help you wade through what can seem like outrageous campaign promises and identify platform points that might just be kind of nifty…. Read More