Vox Talks: 4/20

Don’t go hungry on 4/20

You’ve finished your last Wednesday class, you’re stoked to start your last break before your life launches into that special circle of Hell reserved for final exams, and you notice something—it’s April 20! And while the weather this… Read More

Where to enjoy the fresh air on 4/20

There’s something about 4/20 that makes it wonderful day to get out and fill your lungs with … spring air. We’re at a balmy 62 degrees as Vox is writing this, and with no wind or rain in… Read More

Service Journalism: Helping you go green this 4/20

Remember kids, just say no to “pot parties” Oh, April the 20th. The twentieth day of the fourth month. A wonderful time to explore nature and appreciate its bounty. In the interest of helping the student body enjoy… Read More