ANC Commissioner Jake Sticka talks campus plan, goals

With a whopping six votes, Jake Sticka (COL ’13) was elected as your new ANC commissioner last night. (One unknown voter submitted a write-in ballot; we hope it was for Chicken Madness.) Sticka will be sworn into the position in January, when he will replace outgoing Commissioner Aaron Golds (COL ’11). Here’s what Commissioner-elect Sticka […]

Jake Sticka, who may be your next ANC Commissioner, faces an uphill battle

Georgetown University’s student Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner is a tough gig. Our commissioner doesn’t have many—or any—allies on the issues that matter most to students. If our commissioner is voting in our interest, he or she is probably voting alone. Even when student commissioners simply speak to their colleagues about the student perspective, we’re pretty sure […]

Vox‘s NCAA bracket pool, ft. Chuck Hagel, Jenny Sanford, and Mike Birbiglia

For this year’s March Madness, Vox has assembled the most eclectic group of tournament brackets Georgetown’s ever seen. Famous and “famous” Hoyas alike opted to fill out a bracket for our pool—and while characters like President John DeGioia, Provost Jim O’Donnell, and Professor Madeleine Albright declined to participate, don’t follow basketball very closely, and didn’t […]

BREAKING: BZA upholds decision to revoke Philly Pizza’s license, pizza hotspot likely to close

A bureaucratic decision made at about 9:15 this evening may well be the end the Philly Pizza on Potomac Street. The District Board of Zoning Adjustment has just upheld the decision made by the D.C. Department of Consumer Regulatory Affairs to revoke its certificate of occupancy because it was operating as a fast food restaurant […]

ANC Wrap-up: Liechtenstein and preparing to lick Philly P

In December, unplowed side streets disappointed commissioners On Monday, the Advisory Neighborhood Commission kicked off the New Year with a relatively empty slate of issues, due mostly to the fact that the Old Georgetown Board doesn’t meet in January. Vox couldn’t be there, but afterwards, we caught up with student Commissioner Aaron Golds (COL `11) […]

Georgetown neighbors taking seemingly secret photos of students’ trash

He reaps what you sow Students had better start doing an improved job of bagging their trash, if a community email chain is any indication. Early last week, the overflowing trash cans on the 1300 block of 35th Street—the student side—offended one neighbor to the point that she took photographs and sent them, along with […]

Better Know an ANC 2E Commisioner: Aaron Golds

In Georgetown’s local government, the people are represented as two separate yet equally important groups: the neighbors’ representatives, who investigate crime, and the student representative, who leave crushed beer cans on their lawns. These are their stories. Two weeks ago, Vox brought you what we hope was an intriguing interview with ANC Commissioner Ron Lewis. […]

Oh wait, that was yesterday? D.C. elections roundup.

Four more years! 228,062 people, or 53.44 percent of registered D.C. voters, flooded the polls yesterday for the Nov. 4th general elections, and the D.C. Board of Election & Ethics handled them with less difficulty than we expected. This morning, DCBOEE posted unofficial election results, complete with an At-Large surprise: 92.46 percent of D.C. voters […]

Student ANC candidate wants to talk liquor licenses until 11 PM

Aaron Golds (COL ’11), who I previously suspected of being a candidate for the student ANC spot, confirms via email that he wants the gig. I’m glad to hear it, but I hunger for more candidates to clash and tangle with Golds, all for the chance to meet thrice-monthly with ANC Commissioner Ed Solomon. But […]

Student ANC spot has a candidate

Someday all this will be yours, my son It’s Aaron Golds, class of 2011. He’s the first known candidate now for the student spot on the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (and the choice housing that entails), according to an email from outgoing commissioner Jenna Lowenstein, who watched interested students drop out of contact with her until […]